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  1. Arrrg!! Okay, this is fubared. My CPU fan will work for about an hour or two after the comp is turned on, but it eventually just stops. All power to the CPU_FAN header on the mobo is lost. even if I restart I don't have power. I have to turn the computer off and let it cool down completely before restarting it. I requested an RMA from newegg, just in case. Does anyone have any ideas about this problem? I would post this on OCC, but my account validation will not go through... seems to be a popular problem right now, but no biggie
  2. My Gigabyte motherboard crippled itself today. My CPU_FAN header does not spin the fan anymore (I know the fan works due to moving it to another header). I am going to check the voltages as soon as I finish up a few things and shut the computer down. And this is where the Tuniq Tower rules. I am running passive, and my temps are 44-42-39-39 on my CPU, only about 5ºc hotter than with active cooling. Now granted I cannot play any games, but I still think that this is kinda cool. I would have never know about it if MBM5 didn't alert me. At the time I was installing COD4, watching the latest Scrubs episode, and converting last seasons episodes to put on my Samsung P2, and MBM gave me a warning of CPU-0 running at 155 (relax, I use fahrenheit, its only about 68c). Then I looked down to my G15 and all my temps were high, so I opened the case up and saw that the fan wasn't spinning. All I did was stop the video converter for my scrubs episodes, and the temps calmed down whilst I investigated (still installing COD4 and watching the latest show, mind you). So that is my story. Now on to talking to Newegg and Gigabyte about a replacement. I think it is mainly becuase I bought the first revision, I'm sure they have updated some little bugs, and hopefully my new board will be new (and not a refurb. I'm looking at you, dell) and the latest revision. Tootles!
  3. I was actually thinking of getting a few of the new 640GB drives from WD. But I am hesitant on whether to do a software RAID or hardware RAID. I would try to get 3 of the 640's and put them in RAID5, that way I get the same amount of strange as two 1TBs in RAID1 but I save $100 (3 640's are ~$327 on the egg, 2 1TBs are ~$400). The only problem is that the RAID will be on the hardware level, and if the mobo ever quits, then my data is gone. On the other hand, I can spend the extra $100 and get two 1TB drives and use WHS to duplicate all data onto both drives, that way of any hardware quits, or even software for that matter, I will not lose any information.
  4. Yeah I loved it for the few days that I had it. I am thinking about getting a couple of 1TB drives to back up all of the information on my network (if it doesn't compress the data than I will need a hell of a lot more than 2TB). I might run it on my old X2 rig, just put in my video card, load it up, and take the card out since it can run headless
  5. So I have read around that the new 640GB hard drives that Western Digital has put out are similar in speed to their Raptors due to having only 2 platters. Can anyone verify this? I was really considering running a RAID-0 with 2 150GB Raptors, but if i can get 2 640GB and RAID them for the same price as the Raptors and with the same performance, why not? They would also be quieter than a 10k drive. Holy crap, it is raining like hell outside.
  6. Sucks. I am in the step up process (just waiting for my payment on my internetz credit card to go through) and the only reason I got by is due to their extended step-up process. Figures, my step-up ended march 20th, the card came out around what? the 25th? lol. I'm not much of an overclocking-elitist, but I will try to see how she does.
  7. On the topic of monitor choices, I would personally go with Samsung. I have a fetish with them right now, they have been making good products in my book; and I own a 206BW (20.1" with 2ms response time, and dynamic contrast ratio (if the image is dark, the backlight dims to make it even darker, and vice versa)). They make a 22" of the exact same monitor, the 226BW. native res is 1680x1050, which is more than enough landscape to do a million things. Don't try to find a monitor that matches your GPUs 'max resolution'. It is not similar to finding a background that matches your monitors resolution; the higher res you get, the less frames you get (as stated above).
  8. 1.5v at 2.4Ghz my temps are around 62/62/58/58 or so. This was only a spike, so I don't know exactly how much higher they will go when I stress test it for X hours.
  9. Hello I was wondering what a safe voltage level for the Q6600 is. In order to get mine stable at 3.4Ghz, it requires 1.50v. CPU-Z indicates a v-droop around 50mV; 1.504v at idle and 1.450 at load. I was wondering if there was a way to minimize this so that I don't have to apply such insane voltages just to have enough during load.
  10. And the fact that it works on heat, you dont exactly have a choice as to how fast the fan goes. It simply turns as much as the manufacturer wants it to; not like standard fans where I can pick low speed high temp or you can pick high speed low temp. nonetheless very nice idea.
  11. Okay, I reseated the Tuniq, and screw it down as tight as I could without bowing my mobo. I OC'ed up to 3.3Ghz (9x367) but my vcore is still high; I think I set it in the BIOS to ~1.45v. Under load it drops to 1.408v. I think that the huge vdroop that I have is the reason that it isn't stable at 3.4Ghz; I would have to raise the voltage too high so that it is still manageable at max load.
  12. Yes, I ran a line across the center of the IHS perpendicular to the notch/arrow on the CPU, then dabbed a little on the HS and spread it in using a paper towel. *I added another 120mm, zip-stripped it and placed it in three 5.25" bays, blowing towards the CPU (because there is a dead spot of hot air between the CPU and GPU, below the IO ports) to supply it with a little fresh air. I also tried getting my CPU up to 3.4Ghz, but one core in Prime95 would fail within 3 minutes (this is with voltage at auto, which usually goes up to 1.4-1.41v). I backed down to 3.2Ghz, and manually set the voltage, starting at stock 1.32 and going up to 1.385; each time prime95 would BSOD on me; and the last time I tested it (at 1.385v) my video went out and my comp shut itself off and reset the OC settings in the BIOS back to stock (a thing it does automatically when it cant POST). Unless I'm missing something or overheated/volted something earlier, I guess I hit my max at 3Ghz. One last question. I hear that it is good for temps to set your ram for 1:1 ratio with your FSB. My RAM is rated for 1200Mhz. So would it be best to set my RAM at 667Mhz and have 1:1 ratio and low heat or set it at 1066(?) and have 5:8 ratio and run my RAM close to where it should be? By the way, as usual help here is phenomenal and I thank all of you for your knowledge
  13. I see you're at 3.8Ghz there Praz, what are your temps? I forgot to mention that I am only at 3.0 (9x333). I also opened my case and the heatsink isn't even warm, plus the heatpipes are maybe 5ºf above room temp. maybe re-seat the HS? and thanks for the info rado, 25.5 works just fine for me now
  14. I upgraded to a Tuniq Tower from an SI-120/Panflo combo. I have to say, it is not the best $60 I've spent. I only went down 8ºc on the hottest core, going from 63c to 55c load. Also, Idle temps remain the same. I am running 4 instances of Stress Prime 2004 (because Prime95 will not run 4 cores at once, and will only run 2 instances of the program). After 10 minutes, My cores have the following temps: 55,55,48,48. I am going to try and reverse the fan direction to see if that helps, but that will just blow hot air onto the top of my GPU. Any ideas why this is such a failure? I think I screwed the HS down enough; I didn't want to go too far and bend my board and break it in half; the screws protrude out the back plate about 1mm.
  15. Okay so I'm really considering going water cooling now. DD has all of my parts in stock and here is a list of what I have found to be a (very) nice system. All with 1/2" tubing minus the fillport (3/8") MC-TDX for Intel 775 CPU/Boards DD - IONE for NVIDIA G92 GT and GTS DD12V-D5 Pump Variable Speed X-Flow Stealth GTS 240 Black Ice Tygon 3603 Tubing 1/2" ID 3/4" OD (heard they were the best ) Delrin Tee (two 1/2" high flow ports and one 3/8" perfect seal for the T-line) Tubing Plugs (for T-Line since my case wont do a fillport) Arctic Silver 5 of course DD Original T-Shirts 'cuz free stuff is always in style All I need now is two Scythe S-Flex fans, a fan controller, and maybe one of those anti-kink coil's for the setup I have in mind. Also I would like to know an expert's opinion on what fluid to use. I hear that pure distilled water is best but I am really aiming for something non-conductive since it is my first setup. How's it look to you super intelligent peeps? *edit* and what do you use to secure the tubing onto the waterblocks? zip-strips?
  16. Heh, yeah upgrading water cooling would be like having a vision sent to you from Satin himself, but I greatly enjoy computers and would love to see how high I can get mine before I can use it as a heater for the house in the winter. It is kind of like a drug, you know its wrong, you hate doing it because it messes with your head and (in the sense of computers) it really pisses the crap outta you, but damn if it isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  17. Hello to all! This is my first Intel computer, and so I am very inexperienced as per the cooling options available to me. Currently I have my Q6600 G0 running at 9x333 for a stable 3Ghz (first overclock, aren't you proud? ) I know it can get up to 3.2 at least, I had it running there and did Prime95 stable for ~45 mins with no errors, but the temps were nearing 70ºc on my SI-120, so I backed down to 3Ghz and now they are around 58ºc for the hottest core. I was wondering what types of setups some of you guys have or would recommend to me to cool this baby down to, say, 40 load, and OC to 3.2 or even higher (higher than 3.2Ghz and I might accept higher than 40c). I know in order to achieve massive cooling requirements for this quad I'll need to look into water cooling, and was checking out Danger Den's site, but half of their products are out of stock . I would like a moderate cooling solution (no $150 budget system that won't do any better than my air config right now, but no $800 system with a dedicated power supply ). I'd like to keep the bill preferably around or below $400, so my options are high. I have a few questions though.. Would it be better/more cost effective to run my CPU+GPU in the same line or dedicated lines, or just leave the GPU on air (it currently runs 51 idle ~65 load). I am positive I can fit a 240mm rad in my case (the X-Flow Stealth GTS 240 Black Ice is my first choice), and was looking at powering it with either my 2 Panaflo fans i already have or buy two Scythe S-FLEX fans; either way I was going to hook them up to a Zalman Fan Mate 2 Controller for full control. Should I use pure distilled water with some anti-algae/corrosion liquid or run a non-conductive fluid with/without anti-algae/corrosion? Thanks to anyone who can help, I am as lost right now with water cooling as I was two weeks ago with OC'ing
  18. This question is probably a simple one for most of you (and you might want to hit me upside the head with an iron rod for asking) but i was wondering if, say, the motherboard CD came with 32 and 64-bit drivers, are those 'universal' and can be used in either XP or vista, or if they were limited to only one or the other? Thanks. *edit* lol, should start looking at the date of the posts from now on, sorry to bring a dead thread back to the front page
  19. I have decided to go with the Gigabyte EX38-DQ6 over the DS4 due to the more robust heat pipe cooling as well as underside cooling (the HS under the CPU should do great considering my case has an 80mm fan slot on the underbelly of the mobo plate right there). I also think it is a plus to have 8 SATAII connectors; can never have too many SATA ports . I think I will also go with the Q6600 and try to find a retailer that has them in stock and guarantees a G0 stepping and fit my SI-120 on it and 2 2x1GB Patriot Extreme Performance RAM PC1200. Thanks so much guys, always have fabulous advice to offer!
  20. yeah, I think I am going to go with the Q6600 (yes, the retail version). And IF, only IF, there is not an extreme amount of stress/heat put on the card, I might.. MIGHT try to OC it to 3 ghz. I hear on average these cards can top 3.5Ghz with adequate cooling; I'm sure my SI-120 still has some kick left in it to pull it off. I would like to keep everything below 35-37ºc and I have kept that so far with the exception of my GPU which is at 54ºc on stock cooling (waiting for a nice cooler for the 8800GTS to come out).
  21. Yeah I saw that Q6600. I would get the OEM and just attach my SI-120 to it with the adapter for 5 bucks.. 10 dollars less than the retail and I can save Intel a HS/F. the only thing holding me back is would a quad at 2.4ghz be better than a duo at 3.0? I will keep them at their stock clocks unless you can somehow write a rant persuasive enough that I change my ways
  22. I've been looking at upgrading my comp for a while, and considering my taxes have come back, I now have the financial aspect of this purchase covered. I was looking at a lot of the motherboards that everyone has been suggesting to me (mainly the Gigabyte motherboards) but I was looking around and from my research I found that the Intel X38 does not support SLI, correct? Since that might be in my future, I had to reconsider my motherboard choice and thats when I came across the eVGA NF78, which uses the nForce 780i chipset and fully SLI compatable. What would you guys think of this motherboard combined with 2 sets of 2x2GB Partiot memort and the E8400 Wolfdale?
  23. its weird though that newegg shows a pic of a dual-lan mobo but the specs only show a single lan chipset.
  24. I think I will join in on this discussion as I am also thinking about upgrading the 3 main parts of my comp (mobo/ram/CPU). Everything else is fabulous and I'm quite positive that combining the new parts with my current parts will cause no problems. I'm thinking of that 2x2 set of G.Skill DDR2 1000's posted up there, and an 8400 wolfdale. And, anlthough at a steep $269, I was thinking of the DQ6 board by gigabyte as it has dual LAN (which I use) and PCI-E 2.0, which will come in handy in the future as this is an investment for me and not a 6-month toy, which is also why I'm willing to chuck out an extra $60 over the DS4
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