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  1. I am confident that it was insulated properly...I spent well over an hour prepping it, and sealing the thing up properly. I am in-BIOS around 14-16C, at 15V on the pelt. The RAID issue is now at hand- Would the TEC be the issue? Dunno...I've had similar issues with the NVRAID before.
  2. Okay, for some strange reason it wants to run now. I am having RAID issues now though, it sits for 30+ seconds at the "Detecting RAID Array" screen, then flashes the array, saying it's degraded. The hard drives aren't dead, all they went through was 5 minutes of being transferred from 1 case to the new A10B, and then plugged in. What's up?
  3. Yes, it was working before with the same exact waterblock on it. It was running about 3 days ago, when I disassembled it to install the TEC.
  4. : Sorry. It's an ATI X800GTO2, unlocked to an X850 I'll stick it in there now.
  5. Well, after trying numerous things I am all out of ideas. I bow to the DFI-street gods. Running the following: AMD 3700+ DFI nF4 Ultra-D PC Power & Cooling 510 SLI Geil 1GB ONE W BH-5 (2*512) TEC setup I have tried re-setting the BIOS, doing everything known to geeks around the world...Swapped RAM, to no avail. The diagnostic LED's put 1 LED on, and the system doesn't continue past the DFI Lanparty logo screen. Any help? Thanks guys
  6. I am looking forward to buying this cooler a lot, I hope it helps temps out! If I were to put, say, an Areca ARC-1220 in one of the two x16 slots, along with my ATI X850, would it still fit? Card here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16816131004 Thanks guys
  7. I tried 160 with 2 CAS but it wasn't stable- reason being I'm at 255 with 1.5.
  8. Okay, what divider do I need to use to get to 2.9 and/or 3 Ghz? I'm running an 11x multi, so I'm not really sure which one to use.
  9. Well, I'm idling around 30C, PWM's at 38, nF4's at 40. At load, CPU's around 42C, PWM is around 41, and nF4's around 40. Voltages? Vcore's at 1.59, LDT is at 1.17, Vdimm is at 3.55, Chipset at 1.52. All the rails are spot-on, calibrated with a digital multi.
  10. Okay, I got my 3700 (finally, after 2+ weeks of endless tuning) up to 2.8. I'm running 1.5-2-2-5, 1T. I'm running 1:1 right now, but should I push further? I found that my Geil ONE BH won't run faster than 255, but should I try to push the CPU further on a divider or not? I'm 9 hours of SP2004 stable, I scored 30 seconds flat on superPi, and benchmarks look pretty decent. I'm just wondering if I should bother pushing the chip futher or not, because I can do it, I'm just feeling comfortable with what I have now. Thanks guys!
  11. Nice Would have never looked there. Thanks a bunch!
  12. I just finished setting up my RAID array with my 2 Seagate 7200.9 SATA 3.0GB/S hard drives, and they support NCQ. Whereabouts anywhere can I find settings to enable/disable NCQ, if possible? Thanks guys, Burn
  13. See, I've never bothered to get into custom BIOSes, so I'm still trying to confirm that the BIOS in that link is the latest revision of the 632-2 BIOS. Do you happen to know?
  14. So, http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....953&postcount=1 is where the 623-2 BIOS is, and it's the latest revision? Thanks ncsa.
  15. Hi Guys, I have some Geil ONE BH RAM, and I'm trying to get it to perform at its max. I know about the -2 line of BIOSes, but am not sure what one I need for my particular board, an Ultra-D. If anyone has any feedback and/or links, they'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, ATVkid
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