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  1. sweet i love this board now bios is issue hear its the one to blame and i think they used a crappy cpu lock meathod they shoudl have came up with another 939 socket locking meathod because for extreame overclockers we use dieelectric with vapochill and the . some times messes up and gets stuck on 4 leds and we have to clean the pins again and agian...
  2. the vapo lcd is going blank because you have the usb cable the wrong way i have the same vapo set up you have i have to turn on vapomanually i noticed it will cycle power. and that dieelcectric greese you used i wrote another article on hwo to clean it... it needs to be shiny clean you cant put . load of dielectric on it!!!!..... mines at -46 working fine loving it!!! for a small butt board this board sure does generate a . load of heat its like a camp fire in my room i have my cooling on full blast lol.
  3. hehe i got my dfi up people they told me my cpu is dead they told me my power is crap they told me to rma but i got this . all up hehe. im starting to like the stability of the board after initial start up make sure you have all yoru cpu pins clean. make sure you have all jumpers set straight and use orange rows for ram. and UPDATE YOUR BIOS!!!!. after you get latest bios this board is worth the mula i moded my board form nf-4 to nf4 sli-d :nod: sweet board i'm wondering how long is the warenty on it 3 years ? :confused:
  4. i get this same error when i'm gaming did you do a fresh reinstall of the new os because i downloaded steam over agian and its fine. i was using old preinstalled steam to play my games and this would happend a fresh reinstall of video drivers and os woudl do the trick and rise your voltages for mem and cpu
  5. stop arguing then the good thing is if you are stuck on 4 red lights its your cpu. end of that if you need to rma your cpu this is a tip that helps instead of spenind anohter 1200 on a fx57... but this is a god send if you got die electric greese and your cpu still works you can clean it off really good with this stuff its nice stuff better than alchol alchol will tear the silicone and cause a greay geuy substance sorry for my spelling.. and i'm a bad bad man for returning the rma lol but life is not not always right in a perceft world we will do right...
  6. before you rma a processor that you have used vapochill or dieclectic greese on the botton on the pins use this http://www.frozencpu.com/thr-20.html it is a god send :angel: i promis with my heart this can tackel anything you put on those pins to brand new again i love this stuff i got a brand new processor that i screwed up with dieclectic and over voltage just becaue it looked brand new and this is now you do it people !!! :nod:
  7. i'm sure its not powersuply i have 2 surge protectors going to my pc so if 1 fails the other one will work. and i noticed after clearing the ccmos the mobo booted 1ce. then it suddenly quit it froze up in bios settings screen. this board was working greate untill i reset the ccmos. and i did try 1 stick ram (even tried it in all slots seperatly and cpu is fine no burn marks i use vapochilll... but other people seem to be having this problem so its more likely its a board or bios issue with dfi but i'm about to rma the board to get another one from monarch
  8. never had a crap board like this 3 day record brand new board bam 3 days hits the . can
  9. the 4 lights wont go away and i have tried resetting this bios every freakin way 15 min 30 min... i just got this board 3 days agho what a wonder full board it is already :sad: i'm about to rma for a full refund for this . for brains board i thout it was 1337 what the hell is wrong with it i tried reading fourms for 4 hours almost every overclocking fourm and everyone says power suply well hear me i am trying only video card and cpu and mobo it worked fine then it stopped working on day 2 after power went out in the area the mobo was off then post bull crap problem.... why dont they fix this big issue instead of giving all of us paying custies a work aroudn ... a true fix not a work around.... :confused:
  10. im having this problem also i'm using vapochill and 2gb of crosair 2x1024 memory with the little leds on top the leds dont even light up and i get 4 red diagnostic leds i thout the asus was a bad board now i'm having problems with dfi and its only been 3 days new the board is brand new....
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