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  1. I have a OCZ PC4000 2GB kit (2x1GB) Platinum EL XTC DDR500 3-3-3-8 [email protected] I would like to sell these together if you are interested hit me up.
  2. OCZ PC4000 2GB(2x1GB) Platinum EL XTC DDR500 3-3-3-8 [email protected] drop me a pm if ur interested.
  3. would you be interested in a 165 opty that has hit 3.0ghz on water. if so drop me a pm
  4. well I have a killer pci-e card a gigabyte 7950gx2 that I am parting with along with a killer set of OCZ PC4000 2GB(2x1GB) Platinum EL XTC DDR500 3-3-3-8 [email protected](ignore stats in sig to lazy to update) drop me a pm if ur interested and we can talk prices
  5. hey I currently have OCZ PC4000 2GB(2x1GB) Platinum EL XTC DDR500 3-3-3-8 [email protected] I believe these are still going in the 200ish range if your interested drop me a pm.
  6. I have a 165 I would sell drop me a pm for if ur interested.
  7. I currently have a opteron dual core 165 and a sandy 3700 if you are interested.
  8. he has a price posted in the post with the pics
  9. well this is my rig specs are in my sig it took about a 4 weeks from very start to finish to complete and I still plan to add a GPU block in the next few weeks or so wjen i upgrade from the 7950gx2 to a 8800. the side window is also custom cut and any where i connected a tube i clamped it down tight and coated the joint with a liquid cement type of goop to prevent any minor leakage that may happen and let that sit for a few days and when i filled it and leak tested it over the weekend not a single leak accured.. I have to say the hardest part was mounting the rear rad as I had cut the whole about 3 mm to low and the clamps wouldn't fit and i had to resort to the double tie strap method. both rad are cooled by 2x120mm super silent fan 1 infront and 1 behind teh rad. overall I am happy with the way it turned out and how sharp and clean it looks so here is some eye candy. I apologize in advance for the pictures i'm not at all any good with a camera.
  10. that will be sweet, i thought about going with just one but decided to go with 2 as i would need 2 (one in the back and one on the bottum jsut in front of the hard drive cages)for cooling both cpu and gpu and thought it easier to just do both at the same time in the begining. I also have 2 super silent fans on both rads.
  11. I currently have a lian li v1200b case water cooled it currently consistes of a simple cpu loop with a single 120mm rad in front and behind the pump and a t-line,as soon as i get the cash to buy a water block for my 7950gx2 i'm going to add it into the loop.I also custom cut the side window and fillport hole. here are a few quick snap shots of what i did.
  12. wow they are already planning the end of vista and they jsut released SP1 within a week of it being released i'm thinkin gi wills tick with Xp for a while.
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