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  1. Thread robbing FTW? Thanks, going to try 11/15 later on today. Hopefully i can go outside with my rig.
  2. Since no old threads exist i have to do this. I'm looking for the best Infinity 975X/G bios out today. Using 11.03 right now. Is there any better? I'm going to test my MB/CPU to the max since the Swedish winter is finally here.
  3. Unfotanly not mine. Its a week 33 after all on the CPU, max stable 3850 on air, we got 3700 with 27c air temp. That was at dreamhack.. (Pictures will come)
  4. Intel promises some nice stuff to the next year. Has been talking to them at Dreamhack. 45nm is already news, QX6800, X6900 with strap 1333 <-- Unknown release date. Newer versions of Core 2, and much much more. AMD need to have something special to beat Intel 2007, i might regret i am saying this at in December next year. But Intel will run over AMD 2007.
  5. I got 11.03. Been able to run a QX6700 on 370x10, then the cpu stopped. No e63 or e64 tested on it yet, (need to get one of those to test it). Who i got it from i cant tell. Since he want to be anonymous.
  6. No, I bought them for around 330€. Wich is cheap for 2x1024 in Sweden. Even cheaper when they are clocking like they are. Its the same chips as the fancy corsair stuff. And the timmings are [email protected] for a single chip. Look how close i am Justa better MB now. P5B Delux should do something. RD600 *drools*. Hopefully will DR600 give me the oc that is needed.
  7. My CPU/MB stops me there. Probably motherboard. Cant use 800 divider, stops at 369mhz. Got a P5B delux with voltmod for my memorys on the way. Could probably boot way higher. Its ONLY at 2,3v there ehm. ofc im getting memory errors but 3dmark and spi stable. Not stable in Orthos. Will se what i can get in Memtest86+. No problem at all. Can probably boot at 4-3-3-3. As i told before. Love D9GMH The one i bought them from got a pair to. He is doing [email protected] and 2,4v. Mine will probably end up there to. Hopefully ill break the 600mhz barrier
  8. I got D9GMH and they clock nice. [email protected] with 2.3v. Highest memspeed screenshot i got. :/
  9. Im very intrested. How much do you want for it? Edit: Im willing to pay 180 USD for it. + shiping. I will PM you with my msn.
  10. Mine is currently at 2-2-2-5 and 270mhz stable. Voltage 3.68.
  11. Current [email protected] and 3.07v. :'( Going for more when im home agan.
  12. Just got mine, Got them running fine on 1.5-2-2-5 at 220mhz each. Voltage 2.77 so far. Thats what i got with my old a-data, i will clock more after school
  13. Just bought one, will report back when i got them
  14. On a webshop in sweden. And im still looking for more places to get them from. Just lets hope that they send me a CABNE.. Or else ....
  15. I just got my hands on an Opteron 146 CABNE stepping so im wondering what memory i should get. Im thinking of OCZ EB PC4000 Platinum Edition Dual. I dont realy got a budget so thats not a problem if they cost some money. Now there is a problem. They need to be 2GB in total. And im lookin on G. SKILL 2GB PC4000 to. So im wondering, whats the best memory for me. [Edit] If anyone got a clue whats the best bios is for Opteron, please tell me that to. [/Edit]
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