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  1. Angry has a great tutorial for RAID setup at http://www.angrygames.com/nf4raid-1.htm. I just completed my first build and used RAID 0, and it's working like a charm.
  2. I installed a pair of Hitachi 250GB drives with Raid 0 in my first build this past weekend, and Angry's guide worked like a charm. The only challenge was getting the system to read my external floppy.
  3. Is it possible to have different cluster sizes for different partitions in Raid 0? I'm setting up 2 x 250GB Hitachis in Raid 0, and, from reading Angry's thread on Raid benchmarks, etc., I'm realizing that I would probably benefit from different cluster sizes for different partitions. My plan was to have 3 partitions - 1 for Windows, 1 for programs, and 1 for data. The Windows and programs partitions would probably benefit from a smaller cluster size, probably 16k. For the data partition, I'd like to use a larger cluster size, since I'll have my family photos and videos saved. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks in advance.
  4. I just installed an OCZ Modstream 520 over the weekend, and the only problem was that the FDD power cable was too short to reach the corresponding power connector on the motherboard. I was able to get a 4-pin molex to FDD power cable converter, so it wasn't a huge issue, but it put my build on hold for a day until I could get over to CompUSA.
  5. Turns out the problem wasn't the raid floppy, but the USB floppy drive. In order to make it read, I had to disable the A: drive in BIOS. As soon as I did that, it looked to the USB floppy when prompted for the RAID disk.
  6. Thanks! Gotta close up shop for tonight - but I'll give the new disk a try tomorrow. Thanks again for the speedy response.
  7. Well, my first build (see specs below) was going pretty well until I got to the RAID setup. Following Angry's instructions, everything was great until I got to loading the NVidia RAID class driver and the NForce storage controller from the floppy drive. I've tried about a dozen times, but every time it fails to read the NVidia RAID floppy that came with the board. Instead, it keeps prompting me to insert the disk in the A: drive. I know the floppy drive works, as I previously flashed the BIOS to 623-3. And yes, I'm using a WinXP SP2 slipstreamed CD for installation. Also, I'm unable to access the DFI utilities CD. On my old PC I get an "The system cannot recognize the CD" error message, and I'm assuming I'll need to have Windows installed on the new PC before it will run, since that also doesn't seem to work. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated! :confused:
  8. Is there a significant advantage to hooking up 3 or 4 smaller drives in Raid 0, instead of 2 larger drives? 2 of the 160GB Hitachis will run me $154, while 4 of the 80GB Hitachis run would cost $214. Also, if I'm reading the Hitachi site correctly, the 160GB are NCQ but the 80GB ones aren't - how much difference will that make? Thanks in advance.
  9. Darn it, I'm a sucker for that "value" argument every time. A 7800 is more GPU than I need (although I imagine it would work wonders for Rome: Total War), but, since I like to configure my PCs for longevity (my last 2 PCs lasted 7 and 5 years, respectively), I certainly wouldn't have to upgrade the GPU for quite some time. Again, thank you all for your recommendations. The help here really makes DFI a no-brainer, even (I hope) for a rookie builder.
  10. Thanks for the tips, everyone. My current system is 4 years old, so it's been a while since I've looked at VGAs.
  11. After initially looking at the 6800GT, it was recommended that I look at ATI options for more bang for the buck, specifically the X800XL. I also noticed that even some of the X850XT cards are also getting close to $300. The 7800GT still seems priced around $350 or so, unless I snag a special on NewEgg. I've found plenty of reviews of individual cards, but not a lot of direct comparisons. Can anyone offer advice or recommendations as to the best card for $300 or so? I'm not a hardcore gamer, mostly strategy games, Madden, or Knights of the Old Republic II, so a bleeding edge card doesn't seem like good value. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  12. Thanks for the speedy response - I'll just have to be patient, but it's sooooo hard now that my expectations have been built up! :drool: I couldn't agree with you more about the info available on this board, and it really did prove to be the difference in my decision to go with DFI. I just want the manual to review it thoroughly beforehand, because once I actually get everything I'll be too eager to get started!
  13. Is there any source for the online manual for the nF4 Ultra-D other than the DFI website? I'd like to give it a thorough reading before ordering, but the DFI website has ben experiencing problems since the weekend. I can only hit the website sporadically, and even when I can I get a "404 can not be found" error when I click on the link for the manual. Thanks in advance.
  14. Any other thoughts on a GPU? I'm willing to spend up to $300 (well, maybe the low-$300 range if the X850 XT is significantly better than the 6800 GT and x800XL)? Keep in mind that I don't tend to play anything more graphically intensive than Madden or Knights of the Old Republic II, so I'm looking more for longevity than pumping up FPS for my current games. Again, thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  15. Thanks for the speedy and thoughtful responses - guess I need to do some more research!
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