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  1. Hmm, I think I will let memtest finish and if it passes then i will replace my HD first. Could it be my powersupply? I don't understand why it would only fail while windows loads.. I do get CMOS Checksum errors when I clear my CMOS, so what could that mean?
  2. I ran a SeaGate Seatools harddrive test and it turned out positive. I know that all these problems started about a month ago during a storm when the power flickered and it corrupted my windows file. But I don't understand why it works for a good while, then just stops. I actually am not booting from raid array.
  3. Hmm I will try to boot off something other than RAID Array.
  4. Currently nothing is overclocked, and I have memtest going on test 5 right now and so far no problems. I cleared my CMOS and I reloaded from my saved CMOS settings under CMOS reloaded. Could this have anything to do with it? The settings do not overclock anything.
  5. Ok, over a month ago I had some computer problems and they randomly stopped. Well starting this morning, my computer no longer loads past the windows load screen. When it gets to it, it just reboots. I already cleared my CMOS and still the same thing. Last time I had problems and they randomly stopped, I could pass 15+ hrs of Prime and Memtest, so I really have no clue why it just started up again. If anyone has experienced this problem, then by all means, please help.
  6. Ok, roughly 6 days ago a storm rolled through my area of the town and the power flickered alittle and I noticed that after that moment I could not enter windows without getting a BSOD.. The BSOD I recieved did not have an errors mentioned. Well I re-seated everything and cleared CMOS and reformatted the Hard Drive, all was well. Then suddenly it started doing the same thing again so I assumed that something must have been damaged. Well I wanted to run some test, I cleared the CMOS and I was able to enter BIOs, I ran Memtest for 6 hours with all passes and no errors ( did alot of the 5th test, then I did 6 hours of ALL test ) Then I ran a SEAGATE tools harddrive test, and it all came out positive, so no hard drive errors. I then put my bios setting back to where they were set to, Processor OCed to 2.8 and what not. And Now I am running Prime95 and going on 10 hrs of NO ERRORS. Question: Can anyone try to help me figure out why my comp decided to get random errors, act as if a piece of hardware was damaged, but now able to pass all of these test and handle 10 hrs of torture from prime95 and be completely fine. Any ideas?
  7. Ack, I need to update the sig. I am using the OCZ powerstream 520watt I believe. Also, while installing the OS I stopped all OCing. I will try the method of clearing the CMOS and running Memtest then some HD Diagnostic test. Thanks, I will post back on Sunday with results.
  8. Well I made a post a few days ago mentioning how a power flicker hurt my windows file and i was forced to reformatt. Well I just reformatted and everything started well, in the middle of all the updates my computer gets a BSOD with no error code, it restarts and tries to load windows again, well it freezes while loading, restarts and now it doesn't even post or make any beeping noises... Anyone with any ideas?
  9. So, I shouldn't have to worry about any Hard Drive damage, since I am able to log in now completely fine after the reformatting? You may be right, time for a possible good UPS. Also, if I were to buy another hard drive of the exact same kind as my current, would i be able to install that hard drive and use it to make complete images or the primary drive? Incase something like this happens again, I wouldn't lose all of my information. If so, is there any good websites on how to set up the drives?
  10. Ok, there was a storm and the power flickered and my computer did not turn off, but It did freeze and I got a blue screen of death. Well from then on every time I turned the comp on, before it got to the windows screen, I would get the BSOD. Could this be because the flicker may have damaged a core windows file, or is my hard drive prolly gonna fail on me? I reformatted the comp. and it boots fine now so I have no reason to believe that damage was done. SO here is the primary question: Could a power flicker cause corruption on windows file and cause a forced reformatting?
  11. Whew, well I will be firing my rig up again tomorrow and I will see if any damage is done. I too am surprised on how it did not damage a single thing although it has been stuck to Clear for nearly 3 months.. Lucky even.
  12. Ok guys, I know this has to put me in the category with all other complete idiots... Well.... I cleaned my computer about 3 months ago ( I cleaned the dust outa the fans ) well in the process of doing so I cleared my cmos.... Well I forgot to put it back to default..... So I am now under the impression that for the last 3 months my CMOS has been clearing each time I turned my computer off.... Could this have damaged anything? My computer has been running perfectly for a good while.. Never any problems, I just put in another video card and I noticed that it was still sitting on Clear..... Any suggestions on how i may find out if this hurt my computer in any way would be greatful, or a simple "Dude your screwed" may even suffice.... I would also love to hear that many other people have done the same thing and never had any problems with there computer after realizing that they left it on clear. Thanks
  13. Question: I got to add new hardware and it says I need to install a driver for my Ethernet controller.. So naturally I stick in the DFI disk and click to automatically do it. Well it gives me an error during installation saying the style of INF is different than requested. So. Anyone info on how I can install my Ethernet controller?
  14. Ah, yeah right now I have it set to 2.4 =) and I can run most games at Max, but EQ2.. Amazing I figured since I did have the 7800 gtx and an OC to 2.8 I would be awesome in even that.. Heck I have to run it on Balance.. EQ2 is about the only game I really play and I know it strains for power, I can pass primes95 for many hours but still crash in EQ2 if something was instable. I also realized that other people with similar computers as mine could run that game better.. I was just appalled at this. But damn, lol.. I will probably just drop it down to 2.7 or even lower.
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