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  1. im using TCCD that can run 300mhz 2.5-3-3-0 at 2.75v spi 32m pass... btw, by increasing the ldt to 1.4v and chipset to 1.8v i can prime on 2854mhz for 1h 0m 59s before it failed at SP2004...btw the vcore is 1.525*113% = 1.680 in cpuz
  2. i have odd problems too (before ihs off).. last month i'm not using my cpu for about 2-3 weeks due to my vga card is broken... after the card arrives i try to oc the cpu again and amazingly it did 2700 at 1.44v and can prime for about an hour before i stopped it... im so happy that moment.. on the following week it cant do it again... what do you guys think happen??
  3. at 1.6v i can prime 2.8ghz for about an hour....
  4. im using local made wc kit right now.... it works very fine with very low price..:D im at 2750 1.5v right now but still not tested to prime.... before ihs off i could bench 3dmark 01-03-05-06 at 2880mhz 1.68v for whole night without any stability issue but cant prime even a minute....
  5. its too bad for your venice.... i thought almost E6 mostly 06xx batches would do 2.4-2.5ghz at stock vcore....
  6. do you mean the same batch??? what is your temp with IHS???
  7. yeah i put as5... i think i shoul burn it up whole week first... do you think my temp not normal for ihs off??? fyi, i tried priming at 2880mhz 1.71v and its load at 44c-46c (still not be able to pass, failed on 5 mins)
  8. up utill now, still no difference in temp... [email protected] idle 29-31c, Load 38-39c.....
  9. what bout the temp??? i see some ppl gain 22-23c at default idle....
  10. i remove my Venice E6 Ihs last night. the batch is NBBWE 0601 EPMW. before ihs off it can do 2.7ghz at 1.45v prime stable with 28-30 idle and 37-39 load on WC (No Aircon room)... the problem is after the ihs off the temp was still the same and i cant gain more mhz or lower the vcore.... theres no problem with WC since it perfectly fit with the core.... for you that experienced in ihs off with venice what should be the temp???? fyi, at all Default, it idle 25c-27c and load 32-34c (both before and after IHS removal).... well does it mean that i have perfect contact between my ihs and core??? i just want to gain more mhz here.... any idea???
  11. it cured my bad stick, but unfortunately just wanna work in SC. must boot with 3.2v for DC.... anyway, thx mate....
  12. well thx anyway, the temp is the main issue here. nf4x is cooler than this nf3, searching for water cooling now.... thx all
  13. i have both of them, lan party nf3 and nf4x-infinity. i'm just saying that when i move to my lan party, the ldt setting cant work at 2x...
  14. actually the problem is solved, i can now hit 371 htt again after changing my stock cooling with my big typhoon... but im a bit confuse of the buswidth of the mobo. isn't it safe only from 1400-1800MT/s?? while if u r in htt >370 the bus would be more than 1800 (sometimes near 2000). is it ok??? here is the link for nf4x infinity. actually its a good board, but 30% of capacitor using OST (some blacklist capasitor) and the rest is the same with lan party's. there also problem with temp monitoring. the cpu wont appear in all temp monitoring software (only system 1 and 2 does) http://us.dfi.com.tw/Product/product_searc...0B=3590&SITE=US
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