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  1. Most often the retailer/shop will show good will though if two parts turn out to have been incompatible yet sold together.
  2. I run the system in my sig on a highquality 350 (450max) seasonic PSU. I also use a 20>24 pin adapter. Why do I do this? Cause I found this site after the computer was bought. The PSU comes with the case and the DFI manual states that 17A on the 12V is sufficient for 6600GT SLI. So far everything is running ok. If something should break, I will simply have it replaced at no cost to me, since I contacted the distributor and they gave the OK. I do not overclock though, nor do I intend to.
  3. Sweden: www.gtek.net <--- cooling/modding/cases mainly www.webhallen.com <----- lowest prices normally www.datorbutiken.com <---- second lowest www.komplett.se www.jmedata.se
  4. Is there any part of the drivers that _should not_ be installed, when running Ultra-D and SATA2 RAID, and no IDE drives except a DVD-R? (see sig below) thanx.
  5. I'm currently running 2x512 but would like to upgrade to 2GB at some point. Could someone please describe what the difference between 2x1024 is compared to 4x512. I run a 3500+ Venice, which I gather can handle 4 dimms @ 200mhz? Should I bin my 512s and just get 2x1024, is it worth the extra money? Will the memory bandwith be affected? Do 4 dimms require alot more power? I'm a newbie at this so if there are any good memory FAQs out there please link them. thanks =) Chris
  6. I had to get a 20 -> 24-pin adapter or else it was BSOD all the time. Now it works perfectly though.
  7. Can't complain =D Should I enable SSC? I left it off cause I wasn't sure what it was.
  8. Enabling SATA2 on the Hitachi drives was a good idea.
  9. Capital! I will try it tonight, fingers crossed =)
  10. Just change sound preferences to waveOut instead of DirectSound, or try any of the others there. That's what I did in VLC and works a charm.
  11. Hi there, I've built a SATA2 RAID 0 system with 2x Hitachi drives. I just found out you have to unlock the Hitachis to get full SATA2 speed. Now I've already built the RAID system and installed WinXP, do you think I can do the unlocking anyway? Or do I have to disable the RAID and redo the whole installation again? thanx.
  12. Heres some tests from a newly installed system. Win XP SP2, nF4 Ultra-D mobo, 2x Hitachi Deskstar 80 GB SATA 2 RAID. Stripe size "optimum" anyone got any tips on how/if I can improve these figures?
  13. Ok, thanks for the info guys. I don't see anywhere in the manual that says I have to run Memtest prior to installation? I thought it was just a tool for seeking out errors. also, the manual states that a 350W PSU should suffice for running dual 6600GTs and 3200+ processor. I run only one 6600GT. So if my stuff becomes toast DFI owes me some money seriously though, i will probably have the board traded in, cause the PSU cant be replaced inthe silentium case. DFI really should add this info on the box and tell retailers. thx for the help anyways
  14. Hi all, just registered. I got my new computer today, as shown in signature. I got it with 2x512mb Kreton Elixir PC3200 DIMM's, with those the windows installer would hang, BSOD, with a pfn_list_corrupt error. I do not wish to overclock, but only run at stock speeds. Anyway, I was able to borrow a Kreton 1GB DIMM, put in slot 2, and now Windows XP SP2 installed, seemingly normally. However, weird things happen when I try to install drivers. The Nvidia NF4 drivers i got from nvidia.com hangs due to "RPC server unavailable" or similar. I can't get the Marvell LAN to work, cause the drivers wont install. It says something about Windows Installer failing. I then downloaded the ISO with BIOSes from this site, and flashed to N4D623-3 BIOS. That did not help. I then read that Revision E processors should not use that BIOS. How do I know if I have a rev. E chip? And I had the problems before flashing anyways so... I am at a loss here, I've built computers before but never had an error of this nature in Windows XP. I am hoping for some advice from you guys. Thanx a lot I am running computer in a Silentium T5 case with the PSU that comes with. It is a 350W PSU it says, perhaps that is too weak? It leaves 4 pins unconnected on the large plug. I have attached to all 4 places on the mobo though. Chris
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