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  1. hi i have got a spinpoint 200gb hard drive working as with windows on it, the 250gb spin point died this was used for data only , so i replaced it it with a 160gb western digital . i got it working again for now by plugging it in when the windows is on. the windows found the drive but i could not access or see the drive in explorer. so i used safley remove hardware then plugged it back in theni had to go to Administrative ToolsComputer Managementdisk Management then reactivate it. problem solved for now. thanks for your help
  2. hi had my set up now for nearly a year then last month a samsung spinpoint 250GB SATA-II hard drive gave up on me, so i replaced it with a WD 160 GB. this has worked fine untill yesterday when my computer would not get past the windows logo, unless i unplugged this new hard drive then it is fine. whats up with this? thanks norty
  3. Bad News I've caught that Bird Flu. I know its bird flu because i have started talking crap, wearing make up and i can't park the fecking car.
  4. hi after using search and destroy to remove some adaware, i found i could no longer use internet explorer. when i launch it, it appears in the taskbar, but no sign of the program. i habe tried to remove windows components , explorer, then reboot and reinstall (this does not require the windows disk). how can fix this? shoud i just start using firefox? thanks
  5. my pleasure sir now if there is anything else while i am up don't hesitate to ask
  6. ok smart guy i will look for you its on post 674 page 45 of this thread.
  7. come on goltnor and MsB, i thought we were having a good race against each other but now i am leading the way a bit. don't give up you can still rise up the table. blue opal if you check this thread it will tell you how to get what you want.
  8. i get annoyed when i get a 600 pointer unit to fold and it runs it twice then only gives me 150 points or something. i feel like i am cheated and i stopped folding for a couple of weeks cos of this. is my machine unstable my database record says no. can anyone help me understand why this is happening. should i just concentrate on smaller files an fold more of them? thanks
  9. take a look at this http://www.freepressinternational.com/ lots of stuff that is not wdiely known as the mass media does not want you to know.
  10. yes i have it and it works great. very very quiet. with loads of connections. check out the sig for any info on the rig.
  11. Thermalright XP-120 with a highspeed 120 fan with a fan controller. mine is great with the stealth on any way. but you may want a choice of speeds.
  12. so i guess you have yours in the database, if it is stable.
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