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  1. is that good temp or not? 2500 OCed 26C-cpu 44C- chipset do you think i can still oced some more or not?
  2. i oced my system to 2500mhz this is my temp: i set my voltage: 1.500 1.300 1.30v 1.70v 2.8v for vdimm
  3. i am using 7-2-05, i dont know which overclock bios best for me to overclock from amd64 3200+ to 2500. i dont know which one is suitable for it?
  4. i try to oced to 2500 , when i play FEAR, the system just freeze. what is wrong? what can i do about it? please help me?
  5. does the ram divider works with my 3200+ or it only works with X2 cpu?
  6. I have DFI nforce4 board w/ AMD64 3200+ and OCZ (512x2) Plat. rev2 memory. i update the new bios w/ ram divider. i want to know how do i use the ram divider for my cpu. Please help me.
  7. i am going to build amd64 3200+, dfi nforce4 board and 7800gt, 2 dvd-r drive, and 2 sata drive. i want to know smartpower 2.0 500w is enough for the system or not.
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