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  1. New battery didnt work, complete bios clear for 2 days while out of town didnt work, complete disassemble and reassemble meticulously following the direction of this forum again didnt work. New memory dindt work, this PSU is maybe a month old, I bet the Neo Power 480 I replaced isnt really bad... Its prolly just broke.
  2. Maybe I could see some light in your post had I not used the parts specifically listed by this forum.
  3. Im giving my opinion, and if you check my sig you will know that I have quality, "recomended components" used with this mobo. So if it is all the recommended parts whats wrong?
  4. I can give it a shot. Did this fix your problem? Of all the computers I have built over the years (many of my own and several for others) this mobo has BY FAR givin me the most problems of any. I have read through the forums and seen how many people have the same problems or at least very similar ones. I think there is something wrong with these boards in general, and it seems that when you have to use "certain" memory brands and "certain" mobo memory slots and "certain" power supplies just to get them to work half the time.... something was not clearly worked out in the design of the board.
  5. Whats wrong and how can I fix my motherboard? My computer works just fine when it is on. After I turn it off, I have to do at least an 8 hour bios reset evertime I try to turn it back on. I have had this system for over a year and a half with no problems, until just lately. Here is what happens: 1. Works fine 2. Shut if off 3. Next day try hitting power to turn on and a single led starts flashing and computer wont come on. 4. Used to be able to do a 5-15 minute bios reset and then could turn on, now have to do 8 hours or let sit all night. So now whenever I get done using my computer at the end of the day I just turn it off and do the bios reset so by the next day it will be ready to go. Its getting kind of old and I would like to know whats wrong and how I can fix it.
  6. ok went out and purchased a True Power Trio 650 watt and everything is working so far... now time to get things back together and hope nothing else got hit.
  7. Tried the PSU jump start with no luck. Im going to go get another PSU to see what happens...
  8. I have had the current system in my signature for a little over one year. All went fine and I had no problems, until now. I purchased a samsung DVD Burner (sh-s182m) since they are cheap now. Anyway, upon installing this new drive in my rig, I burned 2 CD's no problems. During the 3rd CD burn the whole system locked up and the pc speaker just buzzed. I hit the power to turn the system off, then hit the power to turn it back on. Nothing happened. I took the case side cover off to see what was up. When I pushed the power button the case fans would bump over but the computer would not start. After hitting the power button several times the computer would finally boot up, but not show I had 2 DVD drive installed. I took the new DVD burner out of my computer. I went to turn the computer on again and the same thing happened, the fans would bump over but the computer would not start. After hitting the power button about 10 times the computer would finally start and everything would go normal. So for 2 weeks whenever I wanted to use the computer I had to continually press the power button until the computer would start. One day I came home and went to start the computer, now it doesnt do anything. No fan movement, no nothing, just a constant amber led light. Any thoughts, or ideas on what I should try so I can get up and running again. Thanx.
  9. I have this exact same problem, I kept getting random computer restarts and memory errors. I upgraded the bios to 6/23-3 and just got the long memory error beep. I then swapped the 2x1024 Ballistix out and installed my 2x256 Corsair Twinx512. Bam! Smooth as silk. Went in and change to 2.8v and shut the comp down, reinstalled the Ballistix. Everthing ran smooth for about 3 days, then same random computer restarts and memory errors when loading games and such... definately never had this kind of trouble with any ram I have ever owned before. The Ballistix are spec'ed at 250MHz and mine dont even run smooth at 200MHz.....
  10. All combinations of the 4 slots work except when the first orange slot is used... Should I get a new board?
  11. Ok, I have more questions All 4 of my memory sticks work when I try them all single in the outter orange slot. I get no post at all when I use the closet orange slot, single or double sticks. Do I need to get a new board, is this slot fried. I must have more than one memory slot to use.
  12. Upon trying only 2 dimms: same problem Upon trying one dimm all is good, this sucks cuz now I only got 256MB
  13. I have the same problem. First off, when I got all the parts and put them together everything was a little buggy till I got the bios updated. After the bios update everything went fine and I installed Windows XP. I continued to install all updates, games, etc, etc. I thought to myself how smooth it all went. I used my computer everyday for about a week no probs, then one day I get home from work flip on the power, and nothing happens but a single long beep over and over. I powered it off and toggled the clear bios jumper. Upon restart everything seems normal the video board posts, then the LANPARY nF4 boot logo appears, but then nothing else. It just sits at the logo screen I cant enter bios or anything. It never even tries to access a disk. I checked all 4 power connections and all are plugged in firmly. After reading this post I will try using only 2 memory DIMMs instead of 4, but why would everything work for a week then go bad? Any ideas?
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