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  1. i have a AW9D-Max max in the mail right now, should be here friday. Im interested to see how it fares against the Infinity...
  2. i always recommend Thermalright products. Every time i get my hands on one i cant help but be amazed at the quality work put into them...
  3. at that speed are you able to reboot a few times? Power down completely and boot back to windows ok? I can always boot to 400+ the first time after i set it in the bios, but when i reboot it is usually then that it refuses to post...
  4. i just did some testing and without touching the PCIE frequency, my board boots at 390 very reliably. Rebooted several times with no issue. PCIE Frequency still at 101...
  5. with 1.75v, my NB temps dont go above 42c. I have a 90mm fan pointed at the heatsink. When i had the original stuff on it was in the middle 60's even with the fan pointed at it. Note that the NB temps go up and down with the ram speed more than volts...
  6. the NB voltage will help stabilized your memory overclocks. I run mine at DDR2 948 24/7 without issue. Another suggestion is to replace the stock goop on the NB with AS5. I dropped over 20C on the NB temps by doing that alone...
  7. $305 shipped, last call before going to Egay. I need this thing outta here...
  8. i'll do $330 shipped Great deal for an E6600!
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