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  1. About fans, I heard that you shouldn't use the motherboard pins and that it should be in like a fan controller and such. Does that apply to ALL fans? Like the CPU fan, power supply fan and such?
  2. I got the Ultra-D board. I see the latest bios is 2006/04/06. In it, it says " The BIOS Upgrade for SST 49LF040B LPC flash ROM Only". What does this mean? Can I update to this version or no?
  3. My friend bought an Armor Jr case. I suggested a DFI Ultra-D as it is a great board for overclocking. But there is a problem. He says the on-board sound card touches the 120mm fan in the back. Unlike my Kandalf there is a cm or so gap between the fan exhaust and the back plate. I looked at pictures on the internet of the case but can't find a clear view of the back but I think the back plate and the 120mm fan are side by side. Can anyone who has the Jr. clarify this?
  4. Man.. that means there is a chance my motherboard blew too? ~_~. I'm more concerned for my HDs. How ironic, I was in the process of burning everything to DVDs to save them from situations such as this
  5. Looks like it is the PSU. I shorted the green wire. Not even the fans turned. I used a digital multimeter on one of the molex. No 5v or 12v flowing It dead. I don't smell any burn components. But I'm still worried if it took any of my other components Until I get my replacement I won't know for sure.
  6. This totally sucks I was in the process of backing up my old CDs to DVDs. So I was copying my stuff to the HD. Then as I turn to get the next CD I hear a huge *POP* sound. I was totally terrified! The whole computer shut down and boy was I saddened. On my Ultra-D, only the blinking standby led is on. I did a search on the forum and they say it is the PSU. I just like to confirm this as I got to get my server up and running again. To be sure, I powered down, clear CMOS, unplug all unnecessary stuff and such. But not even the PSU fan is spinning. Just the blinkning light Also, do you think anything got damaged along the way? Like my HDs ;_; I heard of stories of the PSU taking the entire computer with it Please say it ain't so ;_;
  7. Trying out my first overclock. I like to play it safe as my computer is also a server rig (runs 24x7). I know I can push my opteron higher but I need it to last and don't have a money for a new cpu if it burns out I currently have my Opty at 2.4 ghz with a ram divider of 5/6 as I know my ram doesn't overclock well. I upped the voltage to 1.4 just to be safe and so far all is running ok. Temps look fine. CPU idle at 31c and at load around 42c. My question is, I didn't test it at stock voltage at those settings above. Is it ok to up the voltage like I did? It's not gonna burn out after a while of 24x7 right?
  8. I got myself a new opteron 170 cpu to put into rig#1. Is there anything I need to do or just pop it in and let it run? I heard about some speed issues of games with dual-core and my friend said to download the driver from AMD. I didn't even know CPUs need drivers until I went to the AMD site :eek2: Do I need to install the drivers for the Opty? I didn't install the drivers for my 3500+ and my 3200+ and never noticed anything.
  9. The Ultra-D doesn't support SLI. Older revisions of the board with older video drivers could be modded to support SLI. But all future revisions prevent it.
  10. Due to the tasks I am doing (video editing, etc), I need dual-core now. But have a hard time choosing. I leave my computer (rig 1) on 24/7 so stability is kinda of an issue. I also never overclocked before. And I heard that my ram is not good at overclocking anyway. So which cpu should I choose? The X2 series or FX-60. I hear people raving about the opterons though. Should I get those instead?
  11. I got myself a WD 74GB Raptor for a nice price and so I plan to reformat and do a fresh install. I heard of nlite to add/remove stuff from my Windows XP cd. Well since WinXP doesn't have SATA drivers I plan to intergrate the latest nVidia4 drivers. But I see 4 directories under "IDE". Which one do I install? All the guides I see are for RAID, but I only ONE raptor.
  12. Heh. That's only the two using DFI. I got two more rigs. One more in my garage to program a machine and two more collecting dust that I am trying to sell (but are very old computers :/ ). I add the bios date in the sig in after I update. K, thanks for the help. I'm new to these DFI boards.
  13. Sig made. I guess making a bootable CD is good. But I was thinking of getting the all-in-1 also because of the media disk for my camera. So can I boot to it via USB or not? Or even boot with these multi drives at all?
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