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  1. Thanks. I have tried enabling MMIO. It allows the machine to boot but still doesn't see the extra memory. I understand what your saying about the server, however I'd like to stay focused on why the additional 2gb doesn't show up. This has nothing to do with my choice of OS or applications.
  2. Incorrect chipset drivers don't explain why the BIOS doesn't recognize the extra memory, does it?
  3. With 1gb of memory I have my 3800x2 clocked to 2.5ghz and the memory running at 2-2-2-6. Very solid for a few months.
  4. I am not using it for gaming. I use it as a server with some memory intensive apps (SQL Server, Virtual Server).
  5. I have scoured the forums here. Lots of trouble with 4 x 1gb memory. I've tried everything I could find here, no luck. I currently have 2 x 1gb OCZ Platinum PC3200 memory. I want to add 2 x 1gb more for a total of 4gb. My BIOS will not recognize over 2gb regardless of what BIOS changes I make. Windows Server 2K3 doesn't see it either. Any ideas? Thanks
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