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  1. I've sorted it, just left the CMOS jumper and battery out for a few hours while I went out. :shake:
  2. Just err, cleared my CMOS and when it can to setting up my BIOS again, my SATAII isn't showing in the BIOS, I've changed the cables, tested the driver in another system, flashed from the BigToe Beta back the the official final and still no go... Any thoughts? Spec is as in sig, I've got 2 IDEs in RAID0 for my boot drive, which was corrupt after the clearing of the CMOS, formatting now so that isn't a problem...
  3. You only need the driver if you want to use C'n'Q, and you don't want to use C'n'Q if your overclocking. As for the Windows hotfix, the only benefit is the /usepmtimer that it adds to the boot.ini, the register stuff is again for C'n'Q... So if your overclocking, all you have to do is add the boot.ini entry, and if your not, then you should be...
  4. I can OC, just not familiar with some of the BIOS options... But yea, I get your point.
  5. I'm running 250x10 at 1.4, but I can get 11x250 stable, just needs too much voltage for the stock heatsink... http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=53526 Here's Sandras results...
  6. I've been playing with my X2 4400+, and to get it's stable I think I'm going to need 1.6 with the right cooling, is there a bios that supports 1.6? Plus is there anyway to stop the undervolting? I could be looking at this overclock... Might have to get some ram to do 1:1 too. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=53526 Currently running 250x10 at 1.4. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=53051
  7. If you only plan on using a single GPU, then the Ultra-D is fine, on the SLi boards you get 8 SATA ports, not sure of any other differences other than price.
  8. Ultra-Ds are SATAII stock aren't they, SATA is 1.5GB/s, SATAII is 3.0GB/s which is stated on the box. But yea, nVidia put a stop to the SLI mod.
  9. Cheers buddy, I did search prior to posting, but it found nothing...
  10. Nothing there refering to this one paticular settings.
  11. I've got the option on my Ultra-D, does anyone know what it does? Thanks...
  12. BF2 can sometimes suffer with choppiness if you haven't got enough system ram, ie 2GB...
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