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  1. wevsspot: thanks i'll try those voltages out and see if that helps learners permit: possibly! i will get another copy of x64 and try re-installing with that i think if nothing else works. L.C.Rava: yes they are all connected, thanks for the benchmarks, very helpful haha, clears it up a bit i think Ryn: I never install those ide drivers however i'm going to try a fresh install with a new x64 xp disk thanks for all your helpful replies!
  2. Well it's night time here so it's a bit colder. Temps are now: CPU: 29 degrees PWMIC: 34 degrees NF4: 48 degrees I have never seen temps in the 20's before haha. Thanks a lot My hard drives (3 of them) are in the bottom front of the case. The smart HD reading on mbm5 is 34 degrees. (still got the side panel off) Will look into the fan settings in bios, seem them before and will change .them to fully be on all the time. I kinda like the noise. Helps me sleep at night However there's a sad end to this story, i appreciate your help with all the modding etc but turns out i have to fly to malta for 6months so i'll be needing a laptop instead! So unfortunately i'll have to sell this pc and no doubt you will hear the new owner on the forums whining about the temps and all the other problems i've had :nod: Thanks
  3. The zalman is screwed in nice and snug. I was going to download smart guardian, to see if i get similar temps, but noticed it's not for win x64 Hawk: i don't have a house fan at this moment in time, however i did remove the side panel and now my temps are as follows: CPU temp: 32-33 degrees, does jump up to 34-38 degrees at the time of writing this and then back down to 32 PWMIC = 38-39 degrees NF4 Chipset: 51-52 degrees I don't know much about cooling, but i've spent all this money on mr zalman (cpu and gpu) why isn't he doing his job. What does this mean? Also, what's the deal with the dfi chipset fan, it's running at 4686 rpm, normally it's 7000 all the time
  4. Hi thanks for your replies. I just ran 2 instances of prime95 for 8 hours last night and mbm5 recorded the highs which were 53 degrees for the cpu, 53 degrees for PWMIC and 58 degrees for the NF4 Chipset. All my cabling is tidy inside the case. Btw the case is a lian-li PC-6070B Plus, there's a diagram of the fans on this page http://www.lian-li.com/Product/Chassis/M_C_S_PC-6070.htm How do i find out the case temps and ambient room temps? i don't think i have any AS5. I kinda bought all the parts and got the shop to build it for me. Maybe i should have a look into the AS5 chipset mod.
  5. Hi, I'm starting to think there is something extremely wrong with my pc temps. mbm5 displays the cpu temp 35-36 degrees celcius at idle (sometimes it reaches 40), pwmic is 43degrees celcius and nf4 chipset is 55 degrees celcius. Is this normal for a pc with my cooling? My pc is not overclocked.
  6. Alrighty i'm run memtest overnight again. I'd love to do a re-install but my schedule does not allow it, need computer for work each day so it's a bit hard. Might have time in the weekend. I just checked my irq addresses in system information and i noticed there's a few things sharing the same irq such as Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System (irq9) SCSI/RAID Host Controller (irq9) NVIDIA® nForce Audio Codec Interface (irq20) NVIDIA nForce4 Serial ATA Controller (irq20) NVIDIA nForce4 Serial ATA Controller (irq21) NVIDIA® network bus enumerator (irq21) Anything to worry about? it doesn't say conflicts next to any of them when i look at resources through device manager
  7. Ok i tried the ram in the yellow slots this time. It took a long time to load as usual on the loading screen and then gave me a bsod. driver_irql_not_less_or_equal Loaded optimised defaults and it froze on the menu as usual with 1T as soon as i click "start windows normally" tried it with some other voltages but still froze. Back on 2T Maybe im foolish for trying to get it working with 1T but i just can't help but think something is wrong with my computer, the same thing that causes bsods on 2T is related to me not being able to run 1T. Im willing to try anything, any ideas/suggestions? thanks
  8. I think i did a long time ago with the old ram, i'll be sure to give the yellow slots a try later on thanks for the suggestion
  9. I'm not sure if this means anything but in cpu-z my ram says it's 3-3-2-7 under the memory tab but 3-3-2-8 under the SPD tab, and 3-3-2-7 when i'm booting up why is that? the ocz website states this is 3-3-2-8 ram
  10. Hi cmay, I'm running these settings: CPU VID StartUp Value......................... - 1.500v CPU VID Control............................... - Auto CPU VID Special Control....................... - Auto LDT Voltage Control........................... - 1.30v Chip Set Voltage Control...................... - 1.60v DRAM Voltage Control.......................... - 2.70v
  11. I ran a memtest on test #8 overnight and over 101 passes it showed no errors. It did however freeze on the loading screen when i started back up frm memtest. do you think the problem could be something like my cpu? the memory controller or something? is there any way to test these things. I remember when i first got my rig prime 95 used to always fail on the same core after a few seconds
  12. Thanks Wevsspot for you informative post. I used these settings from this page http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39322 as the cpu was the same, ram the same, mb similar and bios same. It took ages on the loading screen as usual and gave me a bsod - "INTERRUPT_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" stop 0x0000003D usbport.sys So i went back to 2T and sure enough everything works ok so i'll leave it at that. I memtested this current ram as soon as i got it and i ran it overnight tests 1-7 i believe for 9 hours and then test #5 for 9 hours or so, can't remember how many loops that turned out to be. But it showed no errors. I shall memtest it overnight on test #8. Before changing my settings to the ones above (which were just stock settings with cpc disbaled) my cpu voltage was on auto (that's cpu vid control right?), my memory was on 2.6v, i've tried 2.7 and 2.8 to give it more juice and my chipset was 1.5 before Thanks again for your help, much appreciated
  13. Sorry RgGone, i'm not sure what you mean. I have problems on both 2T and 1T and have not yet had a stable system ever since i purchased it last august. Very frustrating for me. I dont know what is causing my problems. Maybe i need to be pointed in the direction of some bios settings for this type of ram. Could you suggest or anyone any?
  14. Thanks for your reply. I thought 1T offered better performance over 2T. My bad - However I've had just as many bsod's on 2T as i've had 1T. Just trying to find a setting that actually works
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