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  1. especially the BH5 after ive seen them at work with a 165 every DDR ram is lame compared to it, i havent test the actual scores on 3dmark or pcmark but i know with everything else being the same, and just switching the ram with 2gb [email protected] 2.5-3-3-6 compared to 1gb of geil [email protected] and my fps on video converting on the same file went from 135 to 170 im not too pro, so correct me if im wrong, but im sitting here trying to build a new rig unable to find the ram, its frustrating, whatever happened to it?
  2. dammit, i just got one for retail price, at least it was new tho, shoulda just paid more for the ccb1e 0609
  3. what stepping is ur cpu, cause most e4 will get 2.6 on stock voltage /me thinks
  4. id get the opty 165 anytime, since it's the cheapest taledo, but yes 10x multi does make it easier for ocing on the 170, but i spent a bit of effort and got my 165 to 2.7, and its at 340*8 or something, or whatever it is in my sig, it says 3700 but i got another comp running at exactly the same stuff and settings with the opty but i dunno if 170 actually clocks higher, given same steppings
  5. my opty is running 2.57ghz on 1.34v, and it goes at 25idle, 35load on stock heatsink, just make sure u really need 1.4x to run 2.4, cause optys really dun like higher voltage.
  6. try 2.5-3-3-6. mine goes 240 bus with those timings (270fsb 9/10), i havent done calcs with the 12x multiplier yet, but see how far those timings will get u, although it's the cpu that matters the most, whatever numbers that fits nicely will work u can maybe try 2-3-2-5 235fsb*12 with 9/10s div if u care about timings or u can keep it where u are at there's a third option if ur cpu goes higher depending on the temp/volts run ur cpu at do 265 with a 5/6 div* 11 multi to get it to 2.9 if ur cpu runs that high
  7. i was busy building another rig these past coupla days and ill just ask ya here, what did u change that made it go from 6500~ to 7k, oh and that's what u should be getting 7500-8300 on a oced 7800gt it seems like u are doing very well, now just prime95 it for the longest period of time that u think u will play a game, then u'll know if it's stable
  8. ur vcore is too high for 2.7,@ guy who started this thread and why switch to another ram with geil one, run a divider and up fsb til membus is back up to 245 or so, something like 270*11, 9/10 or so, 1.65 should run that if ur cpu goes that high i need to put that heatsink on someday, need to be not so lazy, i cant get my cpu above 1.45 or else it breaks 50C primed for 8hours then i stopped it
  9. u have ur ram in slot 1 and 2, and that's different ram we're talking about
  10. i would save the settings and use it as daily usage since it's at 1:1 and stuff but u should push it for a suicide shot to see how far it goes , and i think the reason it doesnt go past 255 is because of the 1.5 CL.
  11. well ya have to keep in mind that it's stock settings, and he's already have to worry about it like he;s under an oc
  12. prolly the ram causing that but that's the highest volts ive heard for an opty by about 0.1v, i hope u know what ya doing L)
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