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  1. Ok wow I figured it out. Out of despiration I searched all over google and found something similar to this yesterday, but I had a test today so I went to sleep and figure I'd read more into it tomorrow. Basically, the windows firewall dosnt' completely turn off or something. Even if you disable it, because I cant even host when its completely turned off, or so it says. You have to open the ports throught the firewall eventhough its off. WOW...I had service pack 2 since it came out, how I hosted last time...I dont know. HAHA stupid me. Much research was the solution. Now I just have to fix that video quality problem
  2. its already on full. But I changed the quaity to high on the overlay or high quality setting.. mabye that will make a difference
  3. the error message? nothing..just nobody joins its exactly what its like when you have a router without the ports open. you create the game and nobody joins...and if you give them the name to type it into the join thing directly..they cannot join
  4. wow thats alot of information. Ok heres the answers to your questions. My previous card: nVidia Ti4200 8x agp 128mb (used nVidia Driver, they only have 1 main one for all their cards, because there was no specific one:http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_78.01.html) My current card: Sapphire X800 GTO2 256mb (used ATi Driver, https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default...dge&folderID=27) I downloaded the one with the control panel thing, the 25 meg one. I've tried the other one too, but is the same. My windows when vid was good: Installed Windows XP Home with service pack 1 I think. Immediately updated to SP2 through windows update. My current windows: Heard that was best to slipstream windows XP Home when install so i did, so current is Windows XP Home SP2 slipstreamed. NeoAethyr, what you said could just be my problem. the video rendering and crap. OMG I think you know the answer to my problem, except that I did not understand what you just said...to techincal for me..haha but yea I will read over it and see if I can get what your saying btw...this is a new computer on a new harddrive so old stuff is all clean and gone...except for some music, videos and other crap, but no drivers or anything since this is a new SATA II HD and my old one was a Seagate 7200 barracuda 160gb
  5. I bought the 1 gig (2x512) ram as dual channel and put it in the orange slots. Did you clear the cmos and load optimal defaults? I see that in your sig you use the beta...I used the 623-6 bios and it works fine. I think if you have the same ram, it is dual channel anyways. the dual channel ram is just that you have to buy it together so its for dual channel. I could be wrong but that is what I thought mabye use the 623 bios and load optimal defaults and it will work. All 4 power plugs into the mobo? bad ram? did you try with the crucial and it worked?
  6. yea, I got the same psu. On the box it shows a green led fan, but its blue. well i like blue better anyways but that was weird. I got the same 2 types of connectors and I just plugged whichever in. It works fine.
  7. NO...I dont have norton or any virus protection like McAfee. The only firewall I have is the windows one. I do not have a router, or its not plugged in because I did not do the IP static for this computer and the port forward thing. But I have no idea what else could it be that is not allowing me to host. My guess is something to do with the drivers or something. All my drivers I download from the internet from nVidia.com for the chipset driver and ATi.com for my video driver. I don't think there is a DFI driver, so my thinking is the nVidia driver. Last time, I used both the Marvell and the nVidia, and could not host. I then, just completely reinstalled windows and did not install the Marvell driver and disabled it in the bios. now using only the nVidia, thinking the Marvell is conflicting with it, still dosnt work. I still cannot host games. So no, its not Norton.
  8. ok anybody???? or am i going to have to make another thread cuz I can Fuxing solve this problem and I have to fix it.
  9. Ok I reinstalled the drivers. Problem is still there. WOW...anyone got any other suggestions??? This problem is so weird. Seems to be just video files meaning like mpeg or avi or divx whatever it may be. Even DVDs But everything else works flawlessly, like games and such. PLEASE HELP...this thread i posted more asking for help than I recieved...IM SO SAD!!!
  10. nono..i do not have a router attached. I know how to port forward, because I used to have a router, but now I cannot even host without the router. Dude..DFI's have problems after problems..FRUSTRATING :confused: :confused:
  11. er..................anyone?? anyone at all?
  12. I cannot host games such as WC3 I disconnected the router and disabled the windows firewall. I have no other firewalls. Didnt even install the nVidia one. what is wrong?
  13. I am new to DFI too and I was frustrated and filled with questions so I'll try to help you with this one. This is what I did. I have the 623-3 bios but I think the routine is the same for all. Here is a link to the official bios. DFI's site is down right now hopefully tomorrow it will be back up. download this file N4D623-3.exe How to flash BIOS with Diamond Flash Image? Diamond Flash Image is unique feature developed by DFI to facilitate users flashing BIOS. User does not have to run the complicated procedures, but just flash the BIOS as an easy job. 1. Prepare one piece of clean floppy diskette. 2. Run the BIOS file from website directly or copy it to HDD to run. 3. It will image to floppy disk drive "A" including flash utility, BIOS file along with instruction and create booting program automatically. 4. Boot up the system from FDD. It will automatically flash the BIOS. 5. Press "F1" as instructed when completing the flashing. 6. Run "Load Optimized Defaults" or "Load Setup Defaults" in BIOS after completing the BIOS flashing. 7. Change settings to your liking
  14. yea i checked it all...they all the same and is correct. I will reinstall the drivers
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