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    White_Hair's F/S & WTB Thread

    i may be interested, im in vancovuer island.
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    disturbed's FS/WTB Thread (merged)

    my paypal is screwed :/
  3. fps_shawn

    disturbed's FS/WTB Thread (merged)

    i have one, but id only let it go for cash, and im in canada ://
  4. fps_shawn

    DFI Mobos, Mushkin Redline DDR, 4800X2 skt 939

    willing to ship the memory (Mushkin 2Gb Kit) to canada for 200-205$USD? If theres any taxes ill pay those too. reason = i can get anotehr good 2gb kit for 210usd, so if u wanna price match that.
  5. already called dibbs ^_^ prolly wire transfering it within a few days or asap.
  6. i am a AMD addict too a fanboy.. but right now the C2D is your best best for pure OCing.. a p5b deluxe + e6300 = 3.2ghz+ usually..
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    For Sale: Brand New 2 X 512 OCZ Plats rev 2

    nice ram. im selling mine too for the need of more ram, but indeed awesome pieces of work for anyone needing 1gb.
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    CP's FS/FT/WTB Thread-Updated Often

    @evga 7800gt: willing to trade+cash? go look at my thread here.
  10. damn nice case, even i wouldnt mind a hot pink like that for myself
  11. fps_shawn

    What Option to do??

    well i want to save as much money as i can, also i dont need a heavy baddass upgrade. saving some cash for a dd water box , just gotta wait for there email
  12. fps_shawn

    What Option to do??

    What should I do? Whats the best deal here or best-bang-for-buck? 1. Sell 7800GT CO - Buy and SLI 2x 7600GT CO ( 200dolla) 2. Sell 7800GT CO - Buy 7950GT (230 dolla Same Price as 7800GTX) 3. Sell 7800GT CO - Buy 7800GTX (230 dolla Same Price as 7950GT) 4. Sell 7800GT CO - Buy 7900GT (200 dolla) I really like SLI, but would the 2x 7600GT's beat my 7800gt? or should i got for the gtx or the 7950gt? im not a heavy gamer, only CSS, BF2, those kind of FPS shooter games only. p.s- pm box full.
  13. fps_shawn

    What Option to do??

    srry for double: hey 8600 is coming? just found this..maybe ur right, maybe i should wait...or not? http://www.guru3d.com/newsitem.php?id=4834 179$ for 512MB/DX10/8XXX... but im in canada soo.. :/
  14. fps_shawn

    What Option to do??

    well, i always want more power and plus im selling my 7800 right now for a really good price (150) and i just found someone who can sell me a barely used 7800gtx prepped for w/c for 200! yay. *prices canadian.
  15. fps_shawn

    What Option to do??

    Cant afford, dont need DX10, and if i wait that long the 7800gt price will just drop even more... :/
  16. Currently Selling... DFI NF4 LanParty Ultra-D Board is in perfect condition, No problems with my setup, changes, bio's/startup problems, no damage or rma, bought local store, has never been superclocked with voltage's, always in a good/smoke-free environment, has VC-RE installed! Will come with all accesories, box, etc. Price: 100$ (with VC-RE FAN) or 85$ (without VC-RE fan, stock will be included or installed if u wish. *PRICES CANADIAN* WTT/WTB: an DFI S939 mATX, or the Biostar T-FORCE 6100 S939 mATX. ALSO NZXT Zero Case NZXT Zero Case, now, with this case, the sidepanel with that grid shield has been totally @$%#^ but still works, all fans are included, do damage, scratches, will ship in original box too, hopefully a canadian home for this as shipping may be costly? PRICE: OFFER ( no lower than 50$CDN) so 50$CDN.. hm... wtt for microfly windows case no psu. CoolerMaster eXtreme Power Duo 600W Got this PSU from a friend, its black, and powers my whole build right now, info is on newegg for it: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817171013 even though 2 reviews are negative is Loudness and not powerful enough,my answers for those reviews are, 1. its not loud, its ur case! 2. if its not powerful enough and u saw its rails info why you buy it? this is a great psu! selling it because i need a modular psu now. comes with everything and retail boxing, barely used. PRICE: 75$CDN WTT/WTB: OCZ EvoStream 600W OR CMPSU-620HX + cash OR? *prices without shipping, prices in canadian, combo deals can be worked out* NZXT SENTRY 1 - Nice toy, works flawlessy, everything included. 10$ Arctic-Cooling Freezer 64 Pro - was best cooler i used before watercooling. 20$ Arctic-Cooling Accelero X1 - used very little on my 7800gt, worked great. 20$ WesternDigital Cavier 80GB IDE - was starting to bug out, but may just be the quality of the stock dfi ide cables. so 15$? (i paid 100$cdn local! have reciept) Samsung 512MB PC3200 with copper heatsink - working, never used! 30$ Xoxide Case Front Switch Panel - http://www.xoxide.com/acrylicpanel.html i never used for more than 5minutes, has some blackish sleeving job on wires, i will sell for 10$. Other INFO. Located: BC, Canada eBay: shawnolicious66 Heatware: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=48351 I also own many internet websites, so you can check those out too. Please contact me soon for these, i ship whatever you want which way you want it! ( UPS, FedEx, or just the post is great!) Thanks, Sean Pictures will be posted soon if requested! if i can get my camera working :|
  17. fps_shawn

    Need Quickly Help !

    420W might not be enough. look out for a OCZ GameXStream or Antec TruePower II 550W atleast
  18. fps_shawn

    High Tempature with W/C ?

    heyo, just noticed my video card is idling now at around 50C+ how can i get these bubbles out??
  19. Hello, Heres my current system dfi ultra-d coolermaster 600w nzxt zero case with only front fan, and a coolermaster back fan, and all fans on side panel taken off. some foam inserted in areas were airflow would not be greatly infected. bip2 radiator is ontop of case inside, with 2 powerful yate-loon L fans to cool it by taking in air and blowing it inside case..(btw the back coolermaster fan is blowing inside too?) w/c parts: d5 pump, maze4 gpu, 1/2" masterkleer, copper tdx, BIP2x120MM rad/YateLoon-L, 2x120mm fans, and 7800gt at 1.5v, and a x2 3800 at 2.7ghz current loop pump to tdx to gfx UP to rad down to t-line and pump. before i started typing i was getting cpu48C-52C with just steam and firefox opened, earlier when i started up the PC it shutdown or counter-strike source, then i checked BIOS and temps were 58C and pwm and ldt were 30C ish. now when i just checked temps ITE smart guardian says.. CPU: 32-33C, PWM 34C, Chipset 38C Volts for the atx, nb, and vbat are .1-.2 below and the cpu voltages are. cpu: 1.42v ldt bus: 1.16v atx 5.0v: 4.08v DRAM: 2.83 *??whaaa... anyway those are with smartguardian which i think may be a bit off... anyway whats the problem do you think? temp now is rising to 38C. edit - now i must say that there is a good sized air bubble in the tubing before and after the tdx block and a small one on the top of the inside of tdx block
  20. fps_shawn

    High Tempature with W/C ?

    yes those temps do look good with no OCing. right now its 35/28 and those big airbubbles a bit smaller now that i rocked my case around a bit.
  21. fps_shawn

    High Tempature with W/C ?

    coretemp right now ive added an arctic fan 8 over the tdx blowing air away from it. core 0: 26C core 1: 16C tcasemax: 67C TDP: 78.1 watts this is with no overclocking now.
  22. fps_shawn

    High Tempature with W/C ?

    ill try to get a pic by 2morrow.
  23. fps_shawn

    High Tempature with W/C ?

    pumps running as i can hear it and when i feel it i can feel it moving.
  24. fps_shawn

    High Tempature with W/C ?

    a bit, i still have not read anywere on fully how to do this, do you know were i can find a link?