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  1. fps_shawn

    White_Hair's F/S & WTB Thread

    i may be interested, im in vancovuer island.
  2. fps_shawn

    disturbed's FS/WTB Thread (merged)

    my paypal is screwed :/
  3. fps_shawn

    disturbed's FS/WTB Thread (merged)

    i have one, but id only let it go for cash, and im in canada ://
  4. fps_shawn

    DFI Mobos, Mushkin Redline DDR, 4800X2 skt 939

    willing to ship the memory (Mushkin 2Gb Kit) to canada for 200-205$USD? If theres any taxes ill pay those too. reason = i can get anotehr good 2gb kit for 210usd, so if u wanna price match that.
  5. already called dibbs ^_^ prolly wire transfering it within a few days or asap.
  6. i am a AMD addict too a fanboy.. but right now the C2D is your best best for pure OCing.. a p5b deluxe + e6300 = 3.2ghz+ usually..
  7. fps_shawn


  8. fps_shawn

    For Sale: Brand New 2 X 512 OCZ Plats rev 2

    nice ram. im selling mine too for the need of more ram, but indeed awesome pieces of work for anyone needing 1gb.
  9. fps_shawn

    CP's FS/FT/WTB Thread-Updated Often

    @evga 7800gt: willing to trade+cash? go look at my thread here.
  10. damn nice case, even i wouldnt mind a hot pink like that for myself
  11. fps_shawn

    What Option to do??

    well i want to save as much money as i can, also i dont need a heavy baddass upgrade. saving some cash for a dd water box , just gotta wait for there email
  12. fps_shawn

    What Option to do??

    srry for double: hey 8600 is coming? just found this..maybe ur right, maybe i should wait...or not? http://www.guru3d.com/newsitem.php?id=4834 179$ for 512MB/DX10/8XXX... but im in canada soo.. :/
  13. fps_shawn

    What Option to do??

    well, i always want more power and plus im selling my 7800 right now for a really good price (150) and i just found someone who can sell me a barely used 7800gtx prepped for w/c for 200! yay. *prices canadian.
  14. fps_shawn

    What Option to do??

    Cant afford, dont need DX10, and if i wait that long the 7800gt price will just drop even more... :/