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  1. Hmm...Corasirs don't go well with the MB? Maybe 2 x 1GB OCZ then? Thx for the input guys...
  2. I am thinking of adding 1GB more to my rig. I currently am running 2 x 512mb inserted into the Orange slots. My question is, can I just buy another 2 x 512mb set and add the ram to the remaning 2 yellow slots? Sorry if it is a dumb question, just dont want to fry my board
  3. I just built the my newest rig with a DFI board, and I would just like to find out if I need to install the nForce4 drivers? I have some basic knowledge of building computers, this one would be my 3rd one :nod: Just haven't been keeping up with advances in computers lately. Oh and my rig runs just fine, no errors or BSODs or anything, just want to know if the nForce4 drivers are necessary...
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