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  1. Hello old DIY members, So this is where everything moved to... I was pleasantly surprised to find my username preserved here!! Thanks! Hope Angry is doing alright. Hmm... I haven't done much OC lately since I'm low on funds and seeing how the 45 nm Deneb/Nehalem will pan out. Besides, the old Opty systems is still running well. Got an old 3800 X2 from a friend a mine for free a while back and was just able to grab one of the last retail nForce4 LANPARTY expert before it went the way of the dodo for $125. Unfortunately, that particular chip wasn't too spectacular and got only 2.67 out of it stable (orthos 8+, complete 3DMark suite, etc.) Almost a waste of the Expert. Temperature never got too bad with my Ninja but it just wouldn't run orthos for more than 1-2 hours over that but at that it's stable as it can be. Being an old AMD guy, I'm hoping for the best for Deneb but if Nehalem is so much better, who knows what I'll do. Recently I had an old case with an old Enermax 350W 20 pin PS and another free old GC from my friend, an AGP RAD 9800. I said to my self, what the hell, I had the OEM CPU cooler from 3800+ X2 so I grabbed a Biostar KM800 AM2 Micro (AGP, 20 pin, DDR2) and BE-2400 from the egg for $80 bucks plus 2GB (2X1GB) of A-Data PC6400 for another $40 and got myself a halfway decent net browser for cheap using ancient parts on the cheap. Hate to see old parts go to waste. I was going to run it stock... I really did. But seeing that there were some BIOS adjustments here and there, I couldn't resist and gave it a go. Unfortunately, the board's HTT frequency seems limited to 232 Mhz and that put my OC to an end at 2.667 GHz. I was even using to the old AMD OEM 3800 X2 (939) cooler for god sake and temperature was definitely not the limiting factor. Neither was the RAM as is was chugging along nicely at 445 MHz without any issues at 5-5-5-something-something. God, I'm so not used to DDR2 timing! It was running at 2T and I thought what?! But I guess that's normal for DDR2. Now of course we got DDR3 here for Intel and in the future for AMD. Anyway, since the OEM cooler was whining like a Banshee at 5600 RPM and it was really getting on my nerves so I ordered a Ninja 2 from CrazyPC on sale for $29! Then I also ended up ordering front panel flash card reader/USB header (since the dang old case didn't even have a USB ports up front! It used to house my first build, a T-bird 1200 system [that should give you an idea of how old the case is!]) and a USB/Firewire combo card (need more USB ports plus Firewire for my film scanner) and I didn't have a cheap little web browsing system anymore. Oh, and I had to get a 320 GB Seagate SATA2 drive (for a low price, I assure you) since the old 40 GB IDE drive I salvaged from somewhere just wasn't good enough nowadays. At this rate I might even end up getting a BIOSTAR TFORCE TA790GX just so I can see how far I can push this little chip and be ready for the future. But then I would have to get a new PS so the price would keep creeping up. Anyway, it's nice see the old familiar names again. I guess I'll hang out here in the future. Extreme Systems has a too much Intel gangsters for my taste. Then again, I haven't really had a look around here, either. I know Intel is the way to go right now but I like to root for the underdog so I'll keep trying to see if AMD can survive the latest quarterly losses to kick out Deneb and onto Bulldozer and 32 nm. Anyway, it's nice to see the old 3 GHz club preserved. Of course, you can just buy stock 3+ GHz AM2 chips nowadays. Who knows, I might even try Intel for a different flavor.
  2. With all due respect to Angry_Games, DST does not affect the day/night cycle of 24 hours. That's because DST just "leaps" forward and back every year so it cancels itself out exactly. What really prevents us having daylight at midnight (in lower latitudes, of course) is the leap year and leap century. Even though there are 365 days in a normal calendar year, the actual sidereal year is approximately 365.25 years ... which is why we have leap year every four year (a leap year has 366 days, with February having 29 days.) Of course even that is not enough to keep our calendar in sync with the Earth's rotation around the sun. That is why we have leap centuries. Every 400 years, we have a leap century. For example, year 2000 was a leap century. What is a leap century? Year 2000 was supposed be a leap year (since 2000 is perfectly divisible by 4) but because it was a leap century, it only had 365 days instead of 366 days. This is what's keeping us from having midnight daylights. However, even that is not exact enough for people who really need precise times. Ever since the advent of the atomic clock, there is an agency that determines if we need to have a leap second. Since 1972, 17 leap seconds have been announced. This may not mean much for normal activities but where precise timing is required, this must be taken into account. Leap seconds are not periodical as it is based on the aberrations in earth's rotations. It is determine by a committee irregularly. Last leap second was announced in 2005. This is why spacecrafts use MET (Mission Elapsed Time) based on oscillating crystal in the onboard clock. Of course, these crystals also have drifts in oscillation. Some people really do not like leap seconds and have proposed getting rid of leap seconds by redefining UTC. Of course that is unlikely to happen.
  3. I think this is a stupid question. I've never heard of 200 mph conveyor belt. Even less of one that can match the speed of a wheel of an airplane exactly. A pointless exercise in nothing! It would be impossible to match every little change in rotational velocity of the wheel and if it could not, the resulting friction would result in a massive torque on the plane and the belt. Even if it could, because totally frictious surface is impossible. Anyway, here is the answer to the stupid question: The solution comes from the fact that unlike the wheels of a car, the wheels of an aircraft are not motorised and that the aircraft's forward motion relative to the ground is created by the thrust of its engine(s), not the spinning of its wheels. With the treadmill moving in the opposite direction to the plane but at the same speed as the aircraft is moving relative to the rest of the world, the plane still takes off as normal, but with its wheels spinning at twice the speed they would otherwise be spinning at.
  4. If you're going to go hiking or skiing, you going see a lot of great scenery. If you see a lot of great scenery, you'll want to preserve it in the highest quality. Get an DSLR. I've hiked and skied with SLR all the time. Sure it's a little heavier but hey the resulting images are always worth it.
  5. First, you should list all your BIOS settings. Second, make a more comprehensive list of components. That way people can help you better. Without more information, it's really hard to help.
  6. Since this is out: http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?p=MB-I-P965...9070da43810b168 You might want to think about getting that.
  7. Thanks Angry ... I just saw that newegg got Ultra-D back in stock. Oh, I'll remember to click the newegg ad here for sure!
  8. I have a spare X2 3800+ that I would like to put to use and I saw this deal. I was really looking for a nF4 DFI board but they seem to be all out of stock right now. Is this a good deal for the motherboard? How does this motherboard compare to something like nF4 Expert? I appreciate any input. Thanks.
  9. This has got to be one of the weirdest ads I have ever seen ... have a look:eek: http://www.xclio.com/product/PSU_StablePower/12v_fight.htm I get the point of it at the end but it's still strange. :eek2: And I never knew that you could use an AGP card in a SLI or XF configuration!
  10. The ram is just not too stable above 212 MHz at stock timing ... I tried to loosen up the CAS to 2.5 and go 166 divider but that didn't work well (it couldn't pass prime/orthos at 223 MHz at 2.5-3-2-7.) Not crazy about the RAM but it was like the only 2x1GB DDR RAM when I bought it (Autumn 2005.) Having 2GB of RAM is really nice for certain applications. It would be nice to buy some newer RAM for it but DDR and 939 is pretty much a dead end so not going to bother. I'm gonna wait for Barcelona/Agena for the next big upgrade. However, I do have a nice spare 3800+ X2 (that got pulled out for 175) that I'll probably pair up with a cheap Foxconn uATX GeForce6150 board ($60) with a gig of cheapo G. Skill 2-3-3 RAM ($80) for a basic internet machine for the wife to use.
  11. Yes ... here is the OCDB entry http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...4&postcount=381 It gets a little hot though.
  12. Ed ... hope you will be healthy in the future. Charmed, I think your chip is getting a wee bit tired. What are you temps like??
  13. You know I had to recover like this from a boot BSOD before. I could not figure out what had happened but I found out. I was able to reboot only if I used the last good setup up but everytime I would try to restart boot BSOD again, once again forcing me to use last good saved settings. I finally figured out that it was caused when I switch my computers and I connected the one that had problems to a couple of printers except that one of the USB printer was installed in the computer. This gave me the weird message about not having enough disk space, message also. I couldn't believe the stupid printer was the culprit. I don't know if this helps you but that's what happened to me. I eventually had to reinstall the OS because it got so messed up during my attempt to resolve the problem. You might want to do a clean install of the OS ... that might solve all your problems.
  14. Go check SVC, they have the fan in stock. I don't think you should do this AM2 upgrade unless you want to have two seperate functioning computer. Even then I would wait for AM2+ motherboards appear so you can upgrade to AM2+ chips like Agena and be able to use features like HT3.0 if you don't want to go the Intel route. If I were you, I would do a modest CPU and GPU upgrade (Opty 165 - 175, 7900GS/X1950Pro, etc.) for now and wait for AM2+ if you really want to stick with AMD. If you really want max performance right now (even bang per buck) with overclocking, you cannot ignore C2D. It's the champ right now. However even if you do want to go ahead and build an AM2 system, as people have already mentioned, some of your selection is not ideal, especially the power supply. I think power supply is the last thing you'd want to cheap out if you're overclocking. I would also probably try for a Brisbane ... some of the new year stepping seems to be decent. Good luck.
  15. I personally like to load optimized defaults in BIOS when installing a new chip and bringing up the computer at least once in this state before overclocking the new chip. Not to mention clearing CMOS before installing the new chip. Of course this probably is not going to help you now. Try to load optimized defaults and see what happens. YMMV. Good luck.
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