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  1. true .. so i went ahead and ordered the SkyHawk, as the sig shows now just gotta wait..
  2. Now thats interesting. how would the Skyhawk hold up against the Modstream?
  3. thanks for that, i just needed an idea as to how that PSU was and if anyone had some experience with it as it seemed to be highly reccmd on newegg. Am probably going to go with the OCZ Modstream 520. A little over my budget, but once you cross the line, doesnt really matter how far ahead you go.
  4. hi guys ive read the recommendations page for the PSU's and was wondering if this one warrants a mention. Anyone with experience on this? the reviews on the egg are pretty decent, for whatever thats worth http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817148008 (Reason im interested: Im broke after buying all the stuff in my sig, and wanna get things up and working asap)
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