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  1. No can do bro, gotta be in pairs.... AND, they should be matched pairs meaning same manufacturer, model, and lot number if possible.
  2. Just so I understand, you have 2 512mb sticks and you want to add 1 more or 2 more sticks?
  3. I have had my second set of Ballistix now for a week and I have been running them night and day at 250, 3383, 2.7v on 704-2bta bios. I started by running 48 hours (!) dual prime95, then 24 hours HCI Memtest. Now, when I'm at work it runs dual prime and when I'm asleep it runs HCI. So far, no problems. If the ballistix can put up with this for about 2 months, maybe I'll start to relax and think Crucial has solved whatever this "degrading" thing is but I gotta say, it kind of sux wondering if or when it might go bad. Has Crucial actually acknowledged to anyone that there's a problem or are they just cheerfully sending out RMA replacements?
  4. I think there's a thread regarding Corsair memory that you should probably read. Just do a search...
  5. @jetjaguar I'm not sure about the cfm, it's 2x40mm fans at 4500rpm so I'm guessing there's a formula to figure it out but it's quiet and seems to cool the pwmic area as well as memory. I bought it when my first set of Ballistix was "degrading" because I had to push the vdimm up to 2.8v to get them to run at even 200mhz and they were HOT (Manufacturer spec voltage and below speed /blinks at jEnUs). The blinky lights can be annoying for those over the age of 14 but a little blue electrical tape fixes that right up. For 15 bucks I'd say get the thing if you have room in your case...
  6. I got my replacement set of 2x1gb Ballistix yesterday, lot # CL1115.88. So far, 2hrs of HCI memtest no errors and 14hrs Dual Prime torture stable at 250, 1t, 3338, 2.7v everything else auto. Also using active cooling. So far, so good...
  7. From everything I've read on the forums here, you should NOT install the driver UNLESS you're having trouble... :nod:
  8. Well, to be fair there is one guy, "CrucialLabs" but he doesn't show up often and, so far, his attitude seems to be that the problem is with the individual users and their respective settings, timings, etc. CrucialLabs says elsewhere on this forum that he has had Prime95 running for days on a DFI mobo and has had no problems. I think the evidence between this forum and others shows that the problem is with the memory and that it "degrades" at various rates. It would be nice for CrucialLabs or some other Crucial representative to visit this board on a regular basis and keep everyone updated on the situation, they have to have noticed a HUGE increase in their RMA's for this model/batch. I don't think anyone wants to knock Crucial, a bad batch can happen to any manufacturer but a little info for the folks who buy high-end ram would be nice. Cray
  9. If you get an answer to this please post. I'll personally stick to the three strikes rule on the RMA's then I'll purchase the OCZ 4000 and, if I can't get the money back, I'll just keep letting the Ballistix die and keep RMAing for "life"...
  10. I'd make sure all 4 mobo power connectors are plugged in, then clear cmos and try flashing 704-2bta. Lots of folks with 2x1gb Ballistix have had good oc results with this bios. Also, I think you have to use a later bios for both of your x2 cores to be recognized.
  11. For me, both sticks worked for 2 weeks then one went bad. I'm currently without memory in mid-rma so I'll post results of new memory when I get it. When both sticks were working they hummed along at 260, 1T, 3338, 2.6V. As the bad stick got worse I had to up the voltage to 2.8 to get windows to boot and consequently the heat index went way up. I got a crabby and temps went back down but the stick failed anyway. Hopefully, the new sticks will run well at 2.6 or 2.7 and the crab cooler really helps with pwmic temps too...
  12. Nebben, did you set tref to auto? Sometimes, if it's set to other than auto, it will pass memtest and fail at life...
  13. Well, can't argue with that Deathman. I do feel like it's not heat related as well. Seems like some electrical problem between dfi and crucial. Degrading chips due to board design, or ram design...not sure which...or both :dog:
  14. Deathman, what active cooling are you using? 15c is non-trivial. Did you measure with a probe? Just curious...
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