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  1. if u wanna keep most of what u have in firefox to be replicated/duplicated on another pc, all that you have to do is to go to your documents and settings folder, open up the user profile that you log-on into windows with(assuming u r using firefox through it), open the application data folder, find the mozilla folder and copy the whole firefox folder in there to ur new pc(make sure the same version of firefox already installed) at the same folder level and location as from the ones you are copying. You may not get the plug-ins to work though. Not a big deal.
  2. get urself the opteron ... i have X2-4400+ ... love it .. but i'd buy the opteron or X2-3800+ for my next playing rig.
  3. glad that u got it working .... hope it stays that way. Really need to consider changing the PSU to >=480w for overclocking on NF4 boards.
  4. YES .. thats the beauty of Winblows Safe mode ommits driver installation . Thats why it works. So its easier to reinstall than to fix them cos you will have to isolate the problems(and you need to know how to do it)
  5. Could be your psu(<480W). Once overclocked, it needs more power to run the whole thing together ..... and then it screwed up your winblows somehow. If i were you, i would:- 1) reinstall winblows and try overclocking again. 2) If the problem reappears ... try a different psu
  6. Thunda was right .... try to read them again .. i know its long. Trust me .. thats the best guide out there .... thats where i started mine. Be patience, read them throughout and u'll be fine.
  7. Ur memory is fine .. if u passed all other tests, try playing with ur Idle Cycle Limit by lowering them ... try 16 instead(and work way up).
  8. lets see .... first of all, u should take whatever that im gonna write with caution. As they may not be accurate. We'll start with LTD .. it really is LDT(Lightning Data Transport) with the end result(of the whole thing) being called hypertransport technology. It provides up to 2000 MHz system bus and up to 14.4 GB/sec total processor-to-system bandwidth. To achieve stability and to not stress the memory controller in the cpu it should be around 2000MHz or less. Hence, depending on ur FSB, it could be 5X at stock, and should use lower values if u plan to overclock(increase the fsb to more than 200) So .. for ur sandy at stock(2.2Ghz), ur genie BIOS should look as follows:- FSB=200 LDT/FSB=5X (This is the ratio) CPU/FSB=11X Hypertransport(HTT) =(FSB X LDT) X 2 (I think u r rite about the dual channel thing here) = 2000MHz. Now, in order to increase ur CPU frequency, u'll need to up the FSB. Assuming u r targeting to get to 2.42GHz u'll have to up the FSB to 220 (220X11 ~2.42). This however will stress ur cpu due to the fact that u r also upping the HTT to 2200MHz(220(fsb)X5(LDT)X2~2200MHz). So all u have to do is to lower the LDT/FSB ratio to X4. So the end result of ur HTT would be 1760MHz(220X4X2) which should be ok(~<2000MHz). The higher the FSB, the lower the LDT should be to maintain stability. Thats all there is to it. Take note though, with CPU/Mem raatio at 1:1, ur memory will also be overclock by upping the FSB which will also make ur system unstable, hence there is memory dividers to suit ur memory overclocking capabilities. Hope this helps
  9. yupp .. same here, theres a bug somewhere in windows which they cant fix. Go here for my thread on something similar(not really .. but very close). I still keeps my hibernate .. cos it works well with my UPS(APC-CS650). just look at the red leds on the board,once u see them lighted after booting into winblows, restart
  10. hurmm ... whats the difference between SPDIF and optical digital connectors ? Im really noob on this.
  11. Thanx for replying trevor, ... not so sure what u meant by 'pure 5.1'. I thought NF4 can do that .. i never tried it cos i never(and not going to) have any set of those speakers. Thats what i thought .... did u read the user review ? .... not sure bout his pc setup so i cant tell. The base of the headphones itself comes with its own decoders .. so thats where the confusion comes in(at least for me). I must say that the 'cinesurround mode' does sounds good enuff for me, but my current mdr-v600 is already 13 years old so i think i deserve one for my dvd watching session. I still love the mdr-v600 for my music listening. So basically theres no spdif for all the x-fi range ? I thought thats only for the 'extreme music' range ?
  12. Due to some restrictions on noise at home, I'll have to settle on something other than normal speaker setup for my rig. Would love to get a logitech Z5500 or the new wireless ones but i just can't. Sony has a good deal here(Malaysia) for MDR-DS4000. Its an infrared digital wireless home theatre headphones. It got good reviews here.. However, theres only one user review there and hes having problems using it with his pc. ive been wondering wether anyone here had any experience with it and could share ur experience here with me and others. My concerns are:- 1) Do i need to get a better sound card than the onboard sound ? 2) Wether it works at all with any sound card using digital spdif maybe ? 3) Will it be better than the 'cinesurround' mode by nVidia ? I have no problems with my wired sony MDR-V600 watching dvd's using the 'cinesurround' but im looking for something better. Anybody ?
  13. reversing the fans for xp-120 works better for me, even the pwmic and the chipsets benefits from it. Dont ask how or why ... its just is.
  14. Mushkin and OCZ both have distributors in Indonesia(check mushkin and ocz website for info). The value series are not that expensives and probably within ur budget. Yes, its better to save for better memory .... but if thats all you got then y not ?
  15. Now .. that answers it ... i have absolutely no idea about this at all.
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