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  1. Also the 7900's are the new smaller die size, so they are cheaper to make than the 7800's. My card rockz, but I paid tooo much. :drool:
  2. :nod: Yes they will fit, but there will only be a small gap in between them.
  3. I have the ThermalTake 680w (W0049) and there is almost no rail fluctuation. Could you go into detail on what the problem with this model is please?
  4. Is that driver actually needed to run an X2 system. Or only if you want to enable cool&quite?
  5. I was having the same problem with FarCry and Battlefield Vietnam locking up. Setting them to use only 1 Core fixed the problem. BTW I thought the AMD Driver was only to enable cool&quiet... :confused:
  6. I have a New Factory Sealed Evga Geforce 7800 GTX 512mb that im trying to sell. Im excepting offers $600 and over + shipping (U.S.A. only). Anyone interested just give me a holla.
  7. Yes you can use them all in dual channel mode, but with 4 sticks you will be at T2 timings. :sad:
  8. Has anyone been able to find an estimated release Price for the 7900 512mb?
  9. Don't forget that with 4 x 512mb sticks you will be running at " T2 ", and thatz not good. In BF2 with maxed settings my sys uses about 1.25GB of sys mem, and in Quake 4 Ultra settings it uses about 1.80GB of sys mem. If your building any Gaming sys than there is no dought, you need 2 x 1024mb stickz. :nod:
  10. I don't have the same MB as you, but I have tested those mem sticks in my sys before. Without tweakin the timings too much i got 610mhz 2.5-4-4-8 @ 2.89v running prime stable. Just remember to take it alittle bit at a time. Btw, I have a Toledo core in my X2 3800+. Hope this helpz. :nod:
  11. I have a Toledo core running 100% stable every day at 2600mhz 1.40v. My temps are about 30 idle and 44 dual core prime with a Zalman 9500. Not many ppl can get 2600 w/ only 1.40v.
  12. It was easy to install if you are carefull, and it keeps my X2 3800+ OC'd to 2600mhz @ 1.40v under 44c full Dual Prime. The fan is so quiet why would you need to use the fan controller, just plug it into the mb, run it at 100% and your good to go. :nod:
  13. I think i have the same mem, and it's timings are 3-4-3-8 @ 500mhz w/ 2.7v. it will not do CL-2 or 2.5 at 500mhz. Please list more detailed info on what other problems you are having. Hope this helpz :nod:
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