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  1. Not sure if this is the best place to post this, this forum seems like an after thought to the new site. Anyways- here is the problem I'm having. Ok, so I've tested this problem with both vista and XP. What happens is, the computer gets to the black screen with the loading bar and freezes after 2 seconds. Sometimes it will flash the BSOD and reboot. Strange enough, if I reset the CMOS it will boot one time. When I selected restart in windows, the problem begins again. Motherboard: DFI LanParty Ultra-D (Flash w/ newest bios) Memory: Tested 3 Different Sticks (Buffalo, G.Skill, OCZ) Processor: Tested 2 Different Chips (Opeteron 165, 3200) Graphics Card: Tested 2 Different Cards (Geforce 7950 GT, ATI Radeon 1050) Hard Drive: Raptor 150GB, CHKDISK passes Power Supply: OCZ PowerStream 600w (Monitored w/ Multimeter, passes) CD Drive Floppy
  2. * IN PROGRESS* Working on fine tuning my Ultra-D, my cpu overclock is almost directly related to the temperature of the PWMIC area and the memory overclock is really sensitive to the temperature of the memory. I'd like to get some cooling on it and get rid of that noise coming from the stock chipset cooler. Quiet and lots of air, I have a nice fan controller. Chipset Fan Replacement: Evercool VC-RE Board/PWMIC Sinking: Ram Sinks & Adhesive... Fans: Currently, I'm looking for reccomendations for 2x120mm UV Blue Fans and 1x80mm UV Blue fan. Logisys don't work with my controller, Cooler Master is too puny. I'd prefer a fan without LEDs. Ram: I'm looking for a way of cooling my ram behind my big typhoon.... going to be hard but I've been thinking about moving my graphics card to the second PCI-E slot from 16x->8x by enabling SLI without two cards... roughly a 1% performance drop and adding an 80mm fan using a PCI slot blowing up and under the big typhoon. That or switch the intake fan for a 120mm (38mm Depth!) fan and just blast the ram with a heavy instake of cool air. See The Computer
  3. I'd like to replace the noisy chipset fan. I picked up a really high end fan controller and I'm getting all new fans for my system. For a graphics card, I have a 7800 now, soon to be a 7900. The graphics card basically covers the chipset cooler, so it would have to allow the graphics card to plug in. CAN'T Void Warranty (As long as I can make it look like its always been stock... Heh) CAN'T Block Video Card Please assume I have no supplies and I'd have to order what you suggest in order to complete this project. I'm also going to pick up some pwmic cooling.... believe it or not with my CPU putting some extra cooling on it is neccesary for a stable OC.
  4. Yeah, I set it to fastest and it didn't change anything really.... I tested the ram at normal and at fastest and there was no very noticeable change
  5. I'm just curious to see if juicing up the rails carries over to other things, or if the extra is just "skimmed" off and wasted.
  6. When I tweak my PSU I watch smartguardian adjust the voltage basically according to how I adjust the PSU. Granted, smartguardian is off by a little but it does notice even small adjustments in the rails. What we're all wondering is if a change (increase) in rail voltage will result in an increase in the Vcore and VDimm everything else constant. What we need to do is measure the VCore and VDimm (USING A MULTIMETER) with the rails at stock and then with the rails juiced up. Enough speculation, anyone interested in giving this a shot? I don't have time this week. :cool:
  7. From what I've gathered I was under the impression it basically fine tunes your max async latency and read preamble when you have them set to auto. Anyone know exactly what they do? Not in the overclocking guide.
  8. Stable is..... Prime95 SuperPi 32M 3D Stable Guess I'll just assume 500 then, just incase. The multiplier could be anything....... 2*500, 3*333, 9*300, 4*250, 10*315... Purely concerned with the HTT only.
  9. I'm running my G.Skill HZ memory at 270 Mhz [email protected] 8.5 Hours Memtest Stable.....
  10. Is anyone willing to try this test with a MM? Tune rails to stock.... 12.00, 3.30, 5.00 (+/- 0.1) Measure VCore & VDimm Tune rails to 12.45, 3.45, 5.25 Measure VCore & VDimm I think that would basically settle this once and for all.
  11. Didn't see this in the guide... Trying to figure out the difference between normal, fast and fastest.
  12. G.Skill HZ 260 1:1 Easily.... 3-4-4-8 for under $200.
  13. Check out my G.Skill HZ settings database.... all kinds of useful information including a weighted average of settings. By weighted average, I mean you can check and see a list of settings that are averaged out according to the stable speed of the ram. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=89296 Feel free to contribute, please follow the guidelines if you choose to do so! G.SKILL HZ ONLY! Please, no other UCCC based ram.
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