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  1. I finished the game, killed the titan and im on lvl 30 can i come and play ? Ill be gentle :PPP
  2. hellasvagabond

    free software

    Norton GHOST is the best choice but not free... Also Paragon tools are quite good.
  3. Good job. Now you need a bigger case for better AirFlow.
  4. Gskill is the right choice if you dont want to spend an big amount of money on memories. After that Mushkin Redline and OCZ Platinum are Great choices but i dont think the money/performance ratio is worth the extra bucks.
  5. Kaspersky Antivirus 2006 is by far the best of them all. However AV arent of use lately since there is minimal threat of viruses and a big Trojan Threat. So its better to get an Anti Trojan and have it running on the Background. Spyware Doctor and SpySweeper are the best so if you get either of them you are covered by most threats.
  6. There are several topics related with the guys at TweakRus whos drivers ive been using too for quite sometime. Lets not derail from the topic at hand.
  7. I was away from home so sorry i didnt post the links at once. Good thing others did
  8. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/7950_Series.html Well its here and its in stock !
  9. Its one hell of a card but i think its too much for 19 inch LCD users like myself. If i get it i must step up to at least a 21 inch LCD... Quite some budget
  10. Nvidia just posted a notification about the new 91.31 Beta drivers which will resolve several issues found in 91.28 along with a performance boost. Links will come up once it gets released in a few hours
  11. Actually the 7950 will be about 80% of the speed of 2x7900GTXs in SLi. However we are talking about a single card ( thus having better support in games than SLI ) and quite cheaper than 2 7900GTXs.
  12. Thats a driver error. Use the latest 91.28 drivers and the patch for oblivion.
  13. Thrax chill man. I also vote Samsung for a 20+ inch monitor but thats for him to decide. If you can wait since my intel says that we will have an 100$ drop on 21+ inch LCDs in the next 2-3 months. Im waiting for that to happen too since the 19inch i have now has lost its value before my eyes
  14. Why not wait for a couple of months and get an 21 inch monitor ?
  15. I dont know about HL 2 Episode 1 but Sin 1 Emergence works fine with these drivers and if im right HL2 episodes will be using the same engine.
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