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  1. thanks guys, it was the cheap-o neo antec 430w i had in there (corsair got put into new system).
  2. when i press power the 4 leds light up red for like a sec, then everything dies (as if power is cut). not sure what the deal is since i had this system working not to long ago. anyone know what this means?
  3. as i said in my first post, i get a blank screen when i boot. how can i possibly get to the bios w/o being able to see anything. am i confusing boot with another term? i think i will rma the mem and see what comes of it. Then, if that doesn't work, i will have no choice but to terminate the motherboard, and twiddle my thumbs until peryn(sp). the mem and and opty will get donated i mean honestly, 4 power connectors? get real dfi!
  4. i wish i had a system to test on but i don't. is it possible that 3leds means something other than memory?
  5. specs in the sig.. all power connectors connected. when i boot i get 3 out of 4 red lights (the first 3 are lit from left to right). i also get no video when i boot. the comp just sits there with a blank screen and the 3 red lights. i tried the Insert key trick to fix a possible bios trouble. left comp w/o battery for 2 days. from what i gather from searches, this is a ddr problem. i've tried each stick in all the slots one at a time and still no luck. i just don't see how both could have died simultaneously. a note: i had the computer in a box in my trunk.. i think it may have gotten shaken around, but there is no physical damage (it was well boxed) and everything boots up as mentioned. nothing got physically struck so i just dont see how the mem could have just died like that. i want to see if there are any other possibilities as to what is wrong before i rma the ddr.
  6. ok, i have a lanparty ut sli-dr.. what is the max i should take voltage.. 1.6v?? i can only select in intervals of .1 is there a bios hack that can change that
  7. well it works, fyi. i posted it at http://forums.silentpcreview.com/viewtopic.php?t=28421 it is a close fit but a fit nonetheless.
  8. my system doesnt draw close to 430
  9. hey guys, i woke up this morning to find my motherboard is dead. it still lights up but when i press the power the system just dies. I tried another mobo and it works so i am positive it is my mobo. i have changed out the chipset HS but other than that have done no modifications to it. i bought it 9/22/05 so it is only 9 months old. What is the dfi warrenty policy and what is your experience with warrenty service? am i still covered? I still have the old hs should i swap it out? what information is required (i have newegg receipt and box but i think that is it).
  10. great. Yeah, i am familiar with monitoring it with speedfan but didn't know what enabling it in the bios did. Now i know, thanks
  11. Do you guys keep this enabled? I tried enabling and haven't noticed anything different. What exactly is it supposed to do?
  12. hey, id like to purchase one of these heatsinks (Forcetake JTS-0006) but first want to make sure i can use my evga 7800gt w/ vga silencer in the first pci-e slot. right now i have a zalman nb hs and it doesn't clear. It looks as if the jts will be able to extend far enough either to the right or towards the top of the case far enough so that it clears the card but id like to make sure first. also, anyone know of any good places to purchase it? thx
  13. hmm. Well, i think 225 is enough. Unless, of course, you want to OC past 2.7ghz. Anyway, i'd just go straight to 270, and try until you find something stable.
  14. well it definitely depends on the chip, but that doesn't mean there isn't a particular rev on the venice that generally overclocks better. From what i gather, the earlier venices (pre-e3) are supposed to OC better. I've also read where the e4 is the best for overclocking.... but who knows??? I think you're best off starting a poll, but even that doesn't mean much.
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