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  1. I am using the DFI 975X/G board's onboard audio, straight out via digital to my Processor/preamp. Have you guys gotten 5.1 surround to work with this combo? If I set BF2 audio to software, its blah. If I set it to hardware, no center and no rear sound. Is there some passthrough button I am missing on the Realtek controls? The drivers are the newest as of today.
  2. Frenchy--check www.gbpvr.com --I think sub added the ADS HDTV card to the latest release(0.99.5). It's an excellent program once you get it all set up. I have it on one of my machines. Mapping the digital channels is a pain in the buttocks, but fine once you get it done. It will support QAM tuners too. It will also merge your EPGs from cable and OTA into one guide. Best of all, it's free!
  3. Have you looked at http://www.hdtvtunerinfo.com/ ? Good site for this kind of info.
  4. From my research when building my HTPC, the NVIDIA DualTV with Purevideo decoders has the best analog picture quality. I have that one and the Hauppauge PVR-150. For HD, I use the OnAir USB HDTV-GT, and it does a fantastic job pulling in HD signals with my OTA antenna(43 miles from transmitters). It's also a QAM tuner. Any of the newer HD tuners that use the 5th generation chip will work decent. It's all about the drivers after that. DVICO, Hauppauge, OnAir, etc all have their quirks. Building an HTPC is not for the feint of heart. If you try and use all of the above in Windows Media Center, throw in another layer of quirks.
  5. http://www.nextcomwireless.com/R5000/products.htm $500 and you can do what you seek!
  6. You can't record your HD content from DirecTV--there might be some hack out there, but you can't just plug it in and record from what I recall.
  7. jfk: I have the SI-128 on my 975X. It fits fine, no problems with memory. I also added the HR-05, which fit as well, as long as you add the zip-tie insulators that they include with the package. It essentially lays on the video card. I had to remove the HR-05 when I added a HR-03 to my video card. The HR-03 has large thumbscrews that stick out, which makes the HR-05 not work anymore. It was back to the stock cooler, and those over-50 temps.
  8. Get the Corsair 520--Hiper has gotten very poor reviews.Corsairs have consistently been positively reviewed, and you can find them at a decent price now.
  9. Glad to hear you are up and running successfully Wev! I DID have the HR-05 on mine, but no more. I am using the SI-128, which means the HR-05 could only go one direction, with the fins "laying" on the back of the video card(with ghetto slip tie insulators installed to keep it from shorting). Well, my 7950GT was the loudest piece of crap I have ever heard, so I decided to change its cooler to the HR-03. That cooler works most excellent and is totally silent, but it has these thumbscrews sticking out that now interfere with the HR-05. Soooo, out comes the HR-05 and back in goes the stock NB chipset cooler. Temps now back in the 50's. :sad: Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.
  10. I just installed one on my 7950GT--fit perfect, and works great.
  11. Only issue I had like that was settings for master/slave on the DVD drive. I had to move a jumper and then all was well. Is there nothing on the monitor? No "signal out of range" error?
  12. I think this one, if I remember correctly. http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df...dition&lang=eng I was up and running though when I installed it. It appears to update the drivers on the CD. My RAM booted normally even though it needs 2.2V. BIOS updated easily with TMOD's disc--he added the 11/15 BIOS to it. It was very simple to get up and running.
  13. I used files on the CD, the file from the Intel site, plus the updated RealTek driver. So far, so good--not a single problem.
  14. In reading your link, they don't seem to like the OCZ either: So, while the FSP Epsilon units left very good impressions on me, I am rather disappointed with the new PSUs from OCZ. Although they do not in fact differ from the Epsilons, and even have absolutely the same fans (for example, Zalman replaces the original fans in its PSUs, which are too manufactured by FSP, with quieter ones), they are rather noisy at work and do not have high voltage stability. I can’t say if all other PSUs produced for OCZ are like that or if only the Epsilon series is (and if yes, then it may be just models produced at a certain time period) because FSP Group’s representatives didn’t answer to my inquiries. So, be careful when shopping. Well, if you can choose between these two PSUs and other models described in this review, you should instead consider the products under the brands of Seasonic, Corsair or Zalman, even though the latter company buys its PSUs from FSP, too.
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