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  1. Hello, New to this forum, (I hope I got the sig right). I am having an issue with my memory. A few weeks ago I came home after been gone for three days, I had left my computer on, when I moved the mouse to bring it out of standby it frooze for about 15 minutes. Eventually I restarted it, and it started into a reboot loop everytime it tried to load windows. Again, eventually I just restarted it. That is when the memory issue began. Once restarted it turned on but my monitor just gave me the "You're monitor is working properly blah blah." I ended up removing all PCI devices and two memory sticks, bought a new drive installed windows and it worked. Now, however, anytime I try to install the other two memory chips it gives me the same monitor message. I checked the dagnostic LEDS and it seems to hang at "Initalizing the FSB frequency." I can switch the memory stick with any of the others, in any of my three slots, but when I insert more than one I get that error. Any ideas? I have two corsair 256mb PC3200 and one Pgi Corsair 512mb Single channel...I don't know if the 256's are single or dual.
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