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  1. Anyway, i had one of these, it died on me, probably because of my own stupidity. Anyway, it is now beyond repair, but i loved the thing, and i need another. Thing is, first time i just got the board, because i was trading on some other board, and i was so exctied to find it. This time i would really love to get the whole package (like what came in all those separate boxes). Thanks for helping out a socket a dfi fanatic. -g
  2. See, it was working before though, with condensation proofing on, so im loathe to. W.e ill see whats up tomorrow after school. Just got home from halloween preceedings, and now ive got to do homework. -g
  3. Yea, i was thinking that the condensation proofing might be doing something too. But, i dont really want to rip it off, as it took forever, its really hard to put back on, and i want to do a dice run. I tried the power/reset button trick, did nil for me. I looked at that guide before, but i wasnt able to use any of the tricks, short of hotflashing. Anyway, im off to school, and my board is still sitting downstairs, hopefully fixing its own problem. -g
  4. Man, i love that cpu too...ah well, i guess its time for me to pick up a dfi nf4 and a 939 opteron, and get my water chiller workin on that. Anyway, i have an asus a7n8x-e, that i had lying around before, that i might use. Im currently booting with a single stick of pc2700, but ill throw in my pc2100 after the long cmos reset. Oh, and do a search for other threads started by me. Youll see that i really havent had good luck lately. As in my last hdd died. And my video card died (didnt post that here). And i havent had a working desktop since the summer. God, this project is getting annoying. And it needs to be over before november 28th (wrestling starts=i have no free time) -g EDIT: I was also looking, what is the insert key trick, i havent managed to figure that out. EDIT2: I have that bootable CD that has a bunch of lanparty ultra b bioses on it. Could i boot up my a7n8x-e with that, and then flash using it, rather than the floppy method?
  5. Okay, current story: It boots, with a different (slightly older) processor in. Im aircooling the proc, and water cooling the vid card. With an older vid card it was booting just fine, but now i get 4 leds of death no matter which vid card i use. Currently clearing CMOS. Any ideas? -g EDIT: Actually, lets assume its a new system, based on the new PSU, CPU, RAM, and vid card. What are the usual suggestions for 4 led's of death besides long CMOS clear? EDIT2: Im looking for info on using the J8 jumper for flashing, but as the search function wont accept 2 letter words, i cant find much. Can anyone help me on this?
  6. Like i said, what made it work in the first place was leaving it with no cmos jumper, no battery, and no power for about 24 hours. I might try it again though, if i dont get it working by tonight. At least my water cooling (freshly rebuilt) doesnt leak anymore -g
  7. Ive cleared the CMOS using the jumper a bunch, and i think what made it go from not working to working was sitting with nothing plugged in, and no battery for about a day. So, yes, the CMOS has been cleared. Also, i checked all of those caps and they seem to be fine. -g
  8. Well, i checked the 5v and 12v rails, and they are perfect. With my fx5200 in, it still doesnt get past LED4 being on, and it just stops there. Obviously though, no problem with it not getting power, but nothing comes on the screen, and like i said it stops at LED4. Heres what the manual says LED4 is: Does this mean that i have problems with my northbridge or southbridge? -g
  9. Maybe not on a single rail psu, but im pretty sure this thing has enough juice, as its got 2 12v rails running at 18A and 16A respectivly. Newegg link Ill check the rails again though, as soon as i find my volt meter in all this junk. -g
  10. Okay, an update that deserves its own post: The board randomly started working again. As in, 10 minutes ago, i go in, turn on the power supply, and hit the power button (im one of those people that doesnt give up), and i jumped back when all my fans spun up, and everything worked. Up to a point that is. It freezes on only LED 4 which means its initiating the post, and the screen says that i havent connected the power cable to my video card, when i have. Any ideas as to why this might be? I could probably just pop in my old fx5200, just to get my rig working, but thats like one step forward and 2 steps back. -g
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