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  1. Bought an extra module, which makes 4X 1GB:) Works perfect! XP sees it as 3.25, but in Vista ultimate it will come in handy:) Thanks for the replies!
  2. that's just it... it won't work with 3 sticks either:confused: Any help on that one?
  3. so there is no way to get it working?:confused: So 4x 1GB will work??
  4. I've got a DFI-SLI-D Board and decided to beef up my machine with some extra RAM. I've got 4 sticks: 3x 1GB 1, 256MB Since I have XP 32-bit, that should just be the limit:) But the system fails to boot... The fans are spinning but my display remains black... I think this is probably a wrong setting in Bios, but cam somebody plz help me? Thanks!
  5. I've tried a flash... Currently testing with 1 ram module at 230MhZ with 2-3-3-5 timings... Is this good?
  6. I've tried everything except for Reflash, I'll try it, thx!
  7. Hi all, After I flashed my bios of my DFI SLI-D, i'm unable to OC my ram... Before flash: [email protected] timings... After flash: not even stock!?!? ([email protected]) (Blue screens) I have reflashed my bios to 623-3, but it has nu use... Can anybody please help me? :sad:
  8. The topic says it all... I'm using a DFI LanParty NF4 Sli-D & AMD 3500+(Venice) Thanks in Advance
  9. where is the latest bios? CPU-Z says my Bios version is 6.00 PG forn 06/23/2005...
  10. Bios erm... The one released by DFI, the latest new one I think I installed the Nforce drivers of my DFI CD Memory in slots 2 & 4 (Dual channel) I have loaded optimized defaults... Where can I update my Nforce drivers?
  11. Venice 3500+ NF4 SLI-D 2*512MB OCZ Platinum DDR3200 Audigy 2 MSI 7800Gt (OC'ed) OCZ Modstream 520W 1xMaxtor 40GB(ATA) 1xWestern Digital 200GB (S-ATA) (All plugs are in) sorry for not posting my system
  12. This is really weard... My PC reboots randomly, even if it's not OC'ed!?(Clear CMOS) I've got a Venice 3500+,NF4 SLI-D and 2*512MB OCZ Platinum DDR3200 One example: My venice @ 2.5GhZ... I play CS:Source for 1 hour, nothing happens... After that, I visit a website, Pam, reboot... Help me plz! this is very frustrating!!
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