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  1. Anybody know where I can download the CD with the drivers and utilities for the LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D? I tried downloading the individual drivers from the DFI site but they didn't work too well.. Thanks.
  2. Iv never really played TF, is it any good? I tried TFC but the graphics were so bad I stopped playing after like 5 minutes lol..
  3. The 7900GS is a great card and a great overclocker. But like the other said, you can find a 320MB 8800GTS for around $260 after MIR if you do a bit of searching
  4. Well I was playing around with my RAM frequency today and something wierd happened. My FSB was 252 with a 3:2 divider and when I booted with Memtest86 on, it showed my RAM was also running at 252MHz (DDR504) which would make it 1:1 since my CPU FSB was also 252.. Now the wierd thing is.. it was showing NO ERRORS after like 5 minutes but when booting at 220MHz (this was a while ago) it would show a million and a half errors in 10 seconds.. So I went and set a 1:1 CPU/RAM ratio @ 252 FSB it wouldn't boot.. wtf? Could the BIOS be detecting the wrong frequency? Shouldn't the 3:2 divider make my RAM run @ 172MHz (DDR 344) when my CPU FSB was on 252?? Any help would be great, thanks.
  5. If you have an SLI-Ready/SLI-Enabled PC, sign up here for a chance to win prizes like 8800GTX, OCZ SLI-Ready RAM, BFG 680i Mobo, PC P&C 750W Silencer, and more each day!! Starts on December 22 and will end on December 21, 2007....... Looks like I got 4 days to mod my Ultra-D into an SLI-D.
  6. Id rather buy a PSU made by a RAM company then one from a cooling company LOL. http://www.tweaknews.net/reviews/zm600hp/
  7. Im sure you can fix it with a little lapping Heres a very cheap lapping kit that includes everything you need: http://www.easypckits.com/products/hslkwg/ Voids all warrenties btw :D
  8. I didn't like it that much. The old glossy orange and black theme looked nice.
  9. Hey, will the M2R/G support the 65nm Brisbane CPUs thats supose to be coming out next month? I plan on geting one to see how it compares with the 90nm chips.
  10. Well they said that for the 939 DFI boards but it still worked.. Is there going to be a BIOS update or anything in the future to make them be supported?
  11. Is the M2R/G compatible with Opterons like the 1212 Santa Ana? Reason I ask is because AMD is doing an Opty price cut at the end of the month and the 2.0GHz Opteron is going to be $201 from the previous $335 so im thinking of getting one instead of a 3800 or 4200 X2.
  12. Yeah don't get the 65W one unless your not going to OC and want it to be energy efficient. Get a regular one, they OC better and are cheaper too
  13. Well, I used to game, CAL-M for CSS. I stopped now, I got alot of other stuff to do instead of shooting terrorists and planting bombs all day lol.. I still play a few scrims once in a while, along with a few other games, maybe next year i'll start some real league gaming again. Damn school and the SATs. I'll be staying with dual-core because I fold for OCN and do some other mutli-tasking so it will be very helpfull. And as a matter of fact, I am looking at C2D stuff, almost any C2D will blow away my AM2 rig that I havn't even gotten yet.. if DFI releases the Conroe LP board before I sell my current rig, then the Conroe it is . E6600, maybe E6700 in case you were wondering .
  14. Iv heard that with my Ultra-D but it was the most simplest thing ever.. just plug and play. I guess some people DO have some problems . But with the M2 its new and not alot of people have it and iv seen many people complain about problems with installing Windows so I was just wondering about stuff like that. And thanks HG, Im really starting to consider a C2D now :cool:
  15. I guess.. I don't game alot these days tho, buying the speakers mainly for music and for watching movies. I want some Z-5500 but no money
  16. Yeah I have seen the DFI LP Conroe board lol, i meant they weren't released yet, not they didn't have one, w00ps. Anyways.. im not totally set on AMD since it might be a few more weeks before my friend gets enough money to buy my computer so I am still deciding.. and its a bit hard. I have seen the extreme stuff the C2D can do. I have seen k|ngp|n from XS's X6800 on LN OC past 5.5GHz and get 9 second super pi and insane 275,000+ in aquamark and other crazy scores on the 3DMark apps. Its just iv heard about AMD and their K8L/reverse HT like a loong time ago and I just thought maybe they would finish and release it in maybe 2007 or something. Like I said, im not 100% set on AM2, maybe 75% but if DFI can release the C2D LP board soon, then i might end up geting a E6600 or even E6700.. Oh and another question. Is it true that the DFI LP C2D board will only be able to support CF and not SLI?
  17. Yeah as of right now I am planning on getting the 4000 X2, I chose the Opteron mainly because of the 2x1MB L2 cache but I didn't see the 4000 X2 having that also lol. I was planning on geting a Raptor but that will go past my budget of $2000 (not including shipping/tax). I will also be geting a HannsG 19in widescreen LCD, X-Fi Platinum, and still deciding on some speakers :cool:
  18. Yes I have read your threads about the C2D and I agree with you 100%, they are really powerfull and very OCable CPUs. However I think AMD will come back with something great on the AM2 platform and one of the main reasons is because DFI has an LP mobo for AM2 but not for Conroe. IMO DFI has the best OCing and best looking motherboards with the best tech support (these forums). Like I said before, I definitely didn't "plan" on upgrading.. but my friend wants to buy my computer for a nice price so im going to sell to him and i'll have to get something lol.. so I chose the AM2 platform. If DFI can release the LP Conroe board before I sell my current rig to my friend then I will definitely think about geting a C2D. Thanks for your comments
  19. Yeah, I would definitely wait but.. my friend is planning on buying my rig in around early Oct. so i'll have to get something lol, thanks for the comment
  20. Im seeing alot of problems on the DFI M2R/G AM2 motherboard. People say they can't install Windows and stuff and you'll have to flash the BIOS and everything and im just wondering if I should get it (maybe a few weeks) or should I wait a couple month for all the problems to clear out? Thanks.
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