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  1. Anybody know where I can download the CD with the drivers and utilities for the LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D? I tried downloading the individual drivers from the DFI site but they didn't work too well.. Thanks.
  2. JacKz

    Team Fortress 2/ Half-Life: Orange box

    Iv never really played TF, is it any good? I tried TFC but the graphics were so bad I stopped playing after like 5 minutes lol..
  3. JacKz

    EVGA video card

    The 7900GS is a great card and a great overclocker. But like the other said, you can find a 320MB 8800GTS for around $260 after MIR if you do a bit of searching
  4. Well I was playing around with my RAM frequency today and something wierd happened. My FSB was 252 with a 3:2 divider and when I booted with Memtest86 on, it showed my RAM was also running at 252MHz (DDR504) which would make it 1:1 since my CPU FSB was also 252.. Now the wierd thing is.. it was showing NO ERRORS after like 5 minutes but when booting at 220MHz (this was a while ago) it would show a million and a half errors in 10 seconds.. So I went and set a 1:1 CPU/RAM ratio @ 252 FSB it wouldn't boot.. wtf? Could the BIOS be detecting the wrong frequency? Shouldn't the 3:2 divider make my RAM run @ 172MHz (DDR 344) when my CPU FSB was on 252?? Any help would be great, thanks.
  5. If you have an SLI-Ready/SLI-Enabled PC, sign up here for a chance to win prizes like 8800GTX, OCZ SLI-Ready RAM, BFG 680i Mobo, PC P&C 750W Silencer, and more each day!! Starts on December 22 and will end on December 21, 2007....... Looks like I got 4 days to mod my Ultra-D into an SLI-D.
  6. Id rather buy a PSU made by a RAM company then one from a cooling company LOL. http://www.tweaknews.net/reviews/zm600hp/
  7. Im sure you can fix it with a little lapping Heres a very cheap lapping kit that includes everything you need: http://www.easypckits.com/products/hslkwg/ Voids all warrenties btw :D
  8. I didn't like it that much. The old glossy orange and black theme looked nice.
  9. Hey, will the M2R/G support the 65nm Brisbane CPUs thats supose to be coming out next month? I plan on geting one to see how it compares with the 90nm chips.
  10. JacKz

    M2R/G Compatible with Opterons?

    Well they said that for the 939 DFI boards but it still worked.. Is there going to be a BIOS update or anything in the future to make them be supported?
  11. Is the M2R/G compatible with Opterons like the 1212 Santa Ana? Reason I ask is because AMD is doing an Opty price cut at the end of the month and the 2.0GHz Opteron is going to be $201 from the previous $335 so im thinking of getting one instead of a 3800 or 4200 X2.