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  1. That sounds like the most likely problem factor, i have a fan on my ram, but i guess that doesnt help enough. And somehow the problem dimm need to be real cool to startup, I will see if i can test this, thanks again for your reply as not many have had this problem too. I already mailed Steve from OCZ about this issue, so i am curious what he thinks.
  2. So i did, but it didnt worked out unfortunatly. First boot was a beep beep beep. So i removed the OCZ mem en put in my old BH5 mem. This way i could boot and set my vdimm to 3.0v. Removing the BH5 and inserting one OCZ stick worked for now, could also boot to Windows. Inserting the second one failed in all ways possible (orange, yellow, less timing etc.) it only gave me the beep beep beep beep. But after changing the first dimm with the second and let it boot alone failed also. So now it does seems like i have one problem stick, wouldnt know what else it can be as it just boot perfekt with 4 BH5 sticks. Think i will rma my mem, thanks for the help.
  3. yep, i did, but they react the same, no matter which slot there in.
  4. yes i have the 4v jumper enabled, otherwise i would not get the 3.3v Also have fans on the ram and on the mb so its well cooled. I also tried to change dims, but that doesnt make a difference. Each Dimm seem to be ok when running memtest or other tests also in dual mode, so i am completly lost. Seems in my case in the second boot its doesnt get enough voltage??
  5. Hi, got a strange problem, it's the opposite of the cold boot i think When first powering on the system after it has been powered off for some hours it work great, boots all up to windows without any problems. When i restart the computer, or power it of and power it on after 1 minute i hangs just when it detected the cpu. Seems like it fails on detecting the OCZ memory. When i remove one dimm, the computer works again and works fine, only with 1 dimm. It only works again after some hours, or removing the power cable or battery after some time. Tried everything, different bioses, different settings, the OCZ mem guide etc. I am using 3.3v for my OCZ 4000VX memory. Lowering timings etc. doesnt do the job. Comp is well overclocked, but bringing it back to default levels doesn't make a difference, second boot will always hang after detecting the cpu. Anyone can help ? Thanks in advance.
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