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    desktop "blinking" issue

    I get that after the first reboot after installing the forceware drivers. I did get it yesterday once for no apparent reason, so I hope it's not a recurring thing. I think it's safe to say it's a graphics driver issue.
  2. TerminallyOdd

    Slow boot with Audigy

    It was off a fresh format with little loading at startup as possible, and I haven't installed too much since. Before the Audigy, it used to be done with load screen right before the second bar completes...but yeah, that wasn't my question.
  3. From the moment I put in my new Audigy 2 ZS Platinum into my computer, Windows has taken an insanely long time to boot. I used to have less than two bars on the loading screen, but as soon I inserted the Audigy card, the next boot took 27 bars. Shutdown takes anormally long as well. Even after a few reboots and installing drivers it's still currently taking that long to boot. I've tried uninstalling it completely, using a different PCI slot and it's still the same. Anything I can change in the BIOS to fix this? I'm happy it's working since my experience with the X-Fi, but this is unacceptable. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. TerminallyOdd

    X-Fi Woes

    Well, I wouldn't say it sucks. Actually, it sounds pretty damn good with music when I enable the equalizer. It sounds pretty bad with games, though, for whatever reason. I'm not picky, but it just really lacks clarity. The sounds are a bit muffled and grainy. Plus, a soundcard will give me better performance, so that's definitely a plus.
  5. TerminallyOdd

    X-Fi Woes

    Every time I see another person saying they have no problems with a DFI nForce4 board, it makes me seem like I did something wrong...or that I could have worked around it...or that I could have removed another component that was causing the conflict. Hmmm...anyway, I returned the X-Fi and ordered an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum off of buy.com, which is a measly $65 after $100 rebate and $10 first time buyer coupon. Doesn't seem to be listed ont he site anymore, but zipzoomfly.com has the same offer. I hope I have an easier time this time around.
  6. TerminallyOdd

    Cannot boot with USB devices plugged in

    Whoops, look like it's just my Gravis Xterminator causing the problem. I can't boot with it plugged in anymore. It's not longer a major issue as I've got another controller, but it's still weird...if anyone knows any potential reason for it, I'd love to hear it.
  7. TerminallyOdd

    Cannot boot with USB devices plugged in

    I saw an option under PnP/PCI configuration to change from Auto (ESCD) to Manual. I did that, saved, shut down, plugged my USB devices in and it still hangs. Unplug those devices and I can boot into Windows fine. Yes, this is SP2...but it happened with SP1 as well, only after the X-Fi mishap.
  8. Ever since I tried to install an X-Fi in my system (which I have sinced uninstalled, returned, and had to format my computer), my system will not boot when devices are plugged into certain USB slots. I'm not sure how to fix this. It happened before I formatted and still is happening now. The computer will just start to post, gets to telling me information about my processor, and just stalls there. I pull the devices, in this case two USB joysticks, and it boots up normally. I can plug the devices in while Windows is running and they're recognized, just can't boot up with them in there. My USB mouse functions fine since it's not in the top row of USB ports, which seem to be the troublesome ones. What should I do? Like I said, this problem came about when I tried to install an X-Fi card. I have the latest BIOS revision (08/31).
  9. TerminallyOdd

    Need assurance on Audigy2 Purchase

    I need some assurance that an Audigy2 ZS Platinum would work okay on my DFI SLI Infinity. I had a really nightmarish experience with the X-Fi (as many of you had), so I can't say I'm super confident going with the Audigy...but there's a sweet deal at buy.com for it, so I'd really like to capitalize on it. Thanks...
  10. TerminallyOdd

    Plans for bios fix for SB X-FI?

    I called DFI about the status of a possible BIOS fix for this and the rep told me he hadn't heard anything from headquarters yet. :| ...all he could tell me was the he expects one eventually. He did tell me Creative offers a replacement, so obviously he's been getting enough calls about this to know that much. That blows.
  11. TerminallyOdd

    X-Fi Woes

    Is there any word on when DFI is releasing a BIOS that addresses this issue? I'm not even sure my non-audiophile ears would notice a difference between an Audigy 2 card and this, so I'm kind of hoping for some idea as to how long this waiting game might be. I don't know if I want to deal with the shipping and waiting for 10-15 business days for the firmware upgrade. It'd be real nice if they let us take care of that ourselves.
  12. TerminallyOdd

    X-Fi Woes

    I'm not going to ask for help in getting it to work since I now realize (after buying it) that I'll need to wait for a new BIOS or get a replacement from Creative with a firmware upgrade. Basically, my whole system crapped out after putting this card in there. My question, however, would be whether or not I should return it and get an Audigy2 ZS or Value or whatever. Does that card model fair better on DFI nForce4 boards? Is it worth it in sound quality difference as to justify waiting on that BIOS or pushing Creative to send a flashed new one my way? I'm not much of an audiophile, and I'm moving up from a SB Live! 5.1. I've got crappy 2.1 speakers, but a good pair of Sennheiser headphones if that helps. It'd be for gaming and music.
  13. TerminallyOdd

    Dual channel = BSOD, what's wrong?

    Try manually changing it to 2T. That worked for me when I couldn't get two of my RAM sticks to work together at all.
  14. TerminallyOdd

    Ide Hd Bsod

    Sorry. I've added a bit more to it. Yeah, I have 2 IDE CD-RW and DVD-RW drives, that work. Actually, the CD-RW has been acting up, but I think it was before as well. They're detected just fine and Windows recognizes them. When I plug the IDE drive in, the BIOS recognizes it, but I hit a blue screen before Windows even loads. Is it possible that it's trying to boot from the IDE drive even though the BIOS clearly says my SATA drive should boot first?
  15. TerminallyOdd

    Ide Hd Bsod