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  1. You mean I need to take out and rebuild my computer everytime I have an issue??? Wow... I probably did read the guide, but I can't remember. I know I read at least 10 guides when OCing my A64. Most of the settings in GENIE BIOS have been changed.
  2. Yes, I followed those steps similarly around 2 months ago when I first got the board.....
  3. Will a clearing of the CMOS delete all the BIOS settings I saved in CMOS reloaded?
  4. Yeah, sometimes it says "BOOT DEVICES HAS BEEN CHANGED, PRESS F1 bla hblah" but I ignore it because I HAVENT TOUCHED anything.......Why would it change itself?? :
  5. All was well for one month and a half until 2 days ago. I turned on my computer, came back 5 minutes later, and I see that my HDD is busy doing something (I don't know what it was doing). It appeared that my system was completely frozen (couldnt do anything) so I did a hard reset...that's where everything went bad, and then worse...Windows refused to load, saying that I was missing a file called "pci.sys"..it worked 1/20 resets but after that it stopped working and kept giving me the same error message..I go to recovery console to try to fixboot, chdksk, and almost everything else possible, but it could not read the drive Windows was on (Windows was installed on my RAID-0 with 2 Raptors).. This is what Norton Ghost 9.0 said about one of the Raptors when I loaded the Ghost bootup CD and TRIED running some diagnostics tests: Error #119: partition ends after end of disk ucEndCylinder (18078) must be less than 9039. Disk Geometry error(s) detected on this drive. (POPUP) it seems that the partition tables on one of the Raptors in the RAID-0 config screwed up THUS screwing up everything..SO i take off the RAID-0 config, format each drive, and reinstall Windows XP on the Raptor that had the aformentioned error above. It installed fine, but on my next reboot, after it says "VERIFYING BLAH BLAH", it gives me an unreadable error message in weird symbols. This leads me to believe that the Raptor is partically dead and dying...but I can't be sure until I run some SMART/HDD tests... SOOOO I install Windows XP on my other Raptor, but now I get these error messages RANDOMLY in no selected order: A reading error has occurred. Please press CTRL ALT DEL to restart. NTLDR is missing. Please press CTRL ALT DEL to restart. The frequency of experiencing these errors are VERY HIGH if I have 2 or more HDDs (I have 4) connected to my motherboard. If I just run the 1 HDD that contains Windows, it almost loads into Windows (except for when I had the error with weird symbols)..So what is the problem? Why is this motherboard so random with HDDs? 1.5 months ago, I had the same errors AFTER installing my RAID-0 setup, but suddenly started working when I had 4 HDDs plugged in. Now I can barely load Windows with 2 plugged in. I doubt any of the HDDs have problems (except for that Raptor I mentioned), they pass the POST SMART test, and they certainly worked 100% fine in my old NF3 setup. I'm also running a heavily OCed system, but I doubt that has any effect on the HDDs. All 4 HDDs are on SATA ports 1-4 which AFAIK are locked. I even ran @ optimized defaults and the same problems came..... Can anyone help me? I want to be able to run and load up 4 HDDs at once without unplugging and plugging, which doesnt work sometimes since Windows is dumb and doesn't always display a hotplugged HDD...
  6. wow, too bad the guide never said to install NVIDIA SW IDE drivers too........ everywhere i read people say dont use them so i didnt use them... now i use them and it works fine
  7. Ok that helped me install Windows. But the problem comes back. After I install all my drivers and Sp2+Autopatcher (WinXP updates) and reboot, same error comes on my screen. I then unplugged the two extra drives again but this time it did NOT solve the problem! WTF IS GOING ON? I can't do crap now. Safe mode works but nothing else works.
  8. I was following the guide at http://www.angrygames.com/nf4raid-3.htm but I can't even get Windows to install! The farthest I got was into the dos version of the Windows set up..Windows recognized my RAID-0 so I made a few partitions on the array and proceeded to do a quick format (NTFS) and install Windows on that partition..After formatting, it copied the files and reset, but after POSTing it keeps giving the error: "Disk read error occurred Please press CTRL ALT DEL to restart" Now whatever I do, it gives me that message after POSTing. I already set first boot device to DVDROM and HDD Array but neither solves the problem. Technically I dont need the Windows CD anymore because everythings already been copied. So what's the problem? Is it because in NVRAID (F10), I set the array to BOOT? Please!
  9. Can I ask what is the PWM IC sensor? I see it going from 45-52 degrees. How come on my old NF3 board it would go from 30-33? And how do I know what my real CPU temp is? It keeps jumpnig from 26 to 27 to 28 to 29 but is at 26 80% of the time..then sometimes it hits 32 or 33 (which is more realistic I think?)..On full load it's 48 though which is very reasonable.. I'm using MBM5 with the Data file you guys provided BTW..
  10. thats the strange thing ive noticed..everytime i set PCIe to 101, my computer screws up..i set it back to 100, it boots to windows perfectly..
  11. 1. Hopefully I can get more than 2.8GHz out of this CPU then 2. I'm just use to low temps, that's all..I invested a lot of $$ into aftermarket cooling parts so I'm surprised when temps are high! I actually am using an Evercool, it's just the fan wasn't spinning before (stupid wire blocked it).. too bad the LED lights dont work anymore now : chipset temp is 42-43 now which is MUCH better.. 3. Ive only used one and its the default one..I dont want to go thru and test every bios to see which one clocks the best.. but for now, this one seems very stable! Question: Are there any specific settings in the SLI-DR that I should be aware of that will boost performance in games? Anything else important I should know? The DFI NF3 didn't have nearly as much settings as this NF4!
  12. Just bought a SLI-DR cause I went PCIe..previously I was using a NF3 Ultra-D & 1GB TCCD RAM..Ive been running my Opteron 144 @ 2.8GHz on the old board 100% stable but I'm having some problems on the new board..is it the board or my new memory, the Gskill 2GB ZX? 1. My max CPU speed is 2800Mhz again (looks like a new motherboard wont be increasing my OC). Max memory speed is 265Mhz-ish at around 3-3-5-2-1T..I'll try higher speeds and tighter timings later..I'm unable to however boot and use my computer @ 310HTT (5:6 divider)..I either BSOD @ Windows, dont POST, or have general unstable issues.. even though I tested SuperPI to work (it's random).. 2. CPU temps are fine, but case and chipset temperatures are NOT! I know it's the summer, but my case temp just jumped to 43, 12 degrees higher than what it was when I was running a DFI NF3 Ultra-D + X850XT. Is the new board's design, or specifically my 7900GT, causing increased temps?? Is it because im using a OCZ PSU w/ 120mm rather than 2 80mm fans? Even the CHIPSET temp is 45-48 degrees! And Im running an Evercool copper w/ LED.. on my old NF3, it was just a heatsink without active cooling and temps stayed at 40 degrees constant!!! 3. What bios should I be using? I bought this board off someone (he says it was freshly RMAed from DFI) so I believe the bios should the the latest. And the revision I believe is the latest too. Are there any specific bios I should be using? Thanks!
  13. looks like it works now.....finally installed windows.. now i gotta figure out how to OC this damn thing, so much more complicated than the DFI NF3 Ultra-D!
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