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  1. thanks. that kinda explains it, eh? this also means i will toss the DFI board as i run certain distributed computing projects that would probably run faster clients if it could identify the cpu properly.
  2. my Opteron is not being recognized in my BIOS, although in the post up it does recognize it as a dual core cpu. is this a BIOS update issue and if so, can someone point out the download for me?
  3. N.V.M.

    Painting My Lcd Black!

    lcd's are a piece of cake. here's what i did to one: http://www.hardcoreware.net/reviews/review-160-3.htm
  4. N.V.M.

    Is This Possible?

    when i built the "iMike" i seriously considered going this route,but trying to adapt a propietary laptop lcd to vga vid card was too much of a hassle,even as a job i was willing to farm out to a professional. besides, laptop screen aren't too spectacular to begin with, image quality wise.
  5. N.V.M.

    This Is Cool...

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  6. N.V.M.

    Post Your Speaker System

    here's my speakers http://www.hardcoreware.net/reviews/review-144-1.htm and i mean that literally. i bought the exact speakers you see in the review,the reviewer sold them to me when he was done with them.i'm using them on a SB Audigy 2 (Platinum). bottom line- they are LOUD!
  7. doesn't Asus recommend that the blue dimm slots be populated to take advantage of dual ddr?
  8. N.V.M.

    Money Gram With Canadian Post?

    well, here in Canada our money goes by weight, so a gram of money is......AHHH i can't do this
  9. N.V.M.

    Post Your Workstation!

    thanks guys. thats my farm on the wall for Distributed Folding. they all switch into that 15" monitor on the right. also, you may have seen the "iMike" before, it'll have an article on it in the November issue of Computer Games Magazine.
  10. N.V.M.

    Where Do You Live

    North Vancouver,BC
  11. N.V.M.

    Post Your Workstation!

    sorry if its too big but here's mine:
  12. N.V.M.

    The "imike

    lol,go to the link in my first post,it'll splain everything.
  13. thought i'd share my mod with you guys. i started with this: and ended up with this: way bigger job that i ever imagined,but turned out real well. i kinda kept track,and posted on my website,but its not quite finished(the website that is.). anyways,let me know what you think. http://members.shaw.ca/northvanmike <<