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  1. Rattle can chrome paint absolutely bites and polishing the case is only feasable of you completely disassemble it and deal with the pieces individually. The easiest way to get the effect you're looking for would be to skin the interior with 1/8" mirrored Plexi.
  2. You've heard wrong. The outlet on the Alphacool is a 1/4" channel that is enlarged at the end for the barb threads. The Radiical is a full 1/2" all the way to the impellor cavity. Paired with a Storm waterblock there is a noticable increase in flow compared to the Alphacool top. Using the less restrictive Apogee the difference was less noticable but still present. Shipping of the Radiical from Down Under was a measly $10 and took ten days, BTW. I've spent more and waited longer getting things from Canada so that didn't seem like a dealbreaker to me.
  3. -Thermochill PA 120.3 radiator -DDC-12v Rev.2 pump with Radiical "Turbo-head" top. -EK GPU waterblock -Swiftech Apogee CPU block Tubing (size and brand) to taste- personally, I'm fond of black Tygon R-3400 3/8" stretched over 1/2" barbs but it's expensive and cranky to install, so you're choice may vary. Rez or t-line- again a personal preference. I like reservoirs for the ease of filling/bleeding. Fans...the quieter the better. Not sure if this stuff fits the budget if purchased new but combing the classifieds can save you a lot of money if you're diligent and decisive.
  4. The Alphacool rez has two things going against it. -It's aluminum, so all the warnings about mixing metals in a loop and the precautions necessary to deal with it are required. -It's tiny. Given a moderately high flowrate (which your chosen D5 pump will produce), the water will pass right through that rez carrying the entrapped air along with it. Bleeding a loop with that rez will be just as awkward as using a basic t-line, so why bother? Surprisingly (especially given it's size and price), the Swiftech Microrez works beautifully and is simple to mount. Although the design looks counterintuitive (to me, at least) at first, air bleeds from the waterstream in a matter of seconds and the loop remains bubble free.
  5. Really? I frequent all of those fora and don't recall any "anti-rez" consensus. Personally I wouldn't build a loop that didn't include a reservoir. Much easier to fill/bleed and no performance hit, so what's the problem?
  6. No, you do not. Nothing beats the thermal conductivity of distilled water with a touch of an appropriate additive (I've used Xerex and Pentosin with good results). While I'm here I might as well add the remainder of my $.02... Personally, I like watercooling my chipsets. No, I can't report any benefits re: stability/overclocking but you will see a significant drop in northbridge temps and that can't be a bad thing. The addition of the Swiftech chipset block (I've also used the DD Maze block) had zero impact on the CPU/GPU temps,while lowering the NB temp to nearly ambient. I also prefer 3/8" tubing to my previously favored 1/2" Tygon. Bend radii are tighter, the overall look of the case interior is cleaner (obviously a personal prefernce thing...) and again, no real change in temps from the larger bore setup. Be aware that the D5 pump has been widely reported to have a faint but irritating whine when operating above the #3 setting- mine had it and it drove me crazy. My Radiical topped MCP350 (18w) is absent this whine and is almost on par with it's larger brother, flow-wise. The MCP350 is also significantly smaller and may be easier for you to mount. You haven't mentioned what case you have but, if in anyway possible, I'd definitely go with a triple rad. They are only slightly more expensive and will give you some extra cooling headroom when you upgrade to SLI or a hotter CPU. Good luck.
  7. Yes. My results are almost identical to yours. Switching to a DD Maze block and some copper ramsinks dropped GPU temp into the mid 30's/[email protected] I tried reseating the NV three times with no joy- each time I removed it I was seeing full contact on the ram and GPU, so I don't think my install was flawed. This is particularly frustrating as I've seen SLI setups using twin NVs that claimed results I could not even approach, much less duplicate. Mine is going up for sale although I feel somewhat guilty as I think the design is somehow flawed but maybe someone else will have more success than I. A rather expensive lesson to learn, eh?
  8. I don't trust any software reported temps, but they are useful for making comparisons on the same machine (which is why I asked about your aircooled temps). At the very least you get a "better" or "worse" indication after making a change, but I don't believe the actual temps at all. It might be interesting to reinstall the stock chipset HSF and see what happens.
  9. What other blocks are in your loop and how are their temps?
  10. What were your temps before watercooling? My chipset temps were in the mid-40's before watercooling and dropped significantly when the block (DD Maze) was installed. Reported by Everest...
  11. This is correct and should solve your problem. If you install the drivers, Windows will be looking for a RAID array that you haven't created and (naturally) will be unsuccessful. Not having to F6 SATA drivers during install is one of the beauties of the nF4 chipset IMO.
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