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  1. Actually it was overclocking related. I just lowered my CPU from 2.95GHz to 2.80GHz and NO MORE lockups since! Thanks!
  2. I just installed Vista 64x and it is fine now. Question: Is Crysis a true 64bit game? I am about to install this game, and it gives the option to install in Program Files (x86). Where should I install rest of my current games? Thanks!
  3. Hey All, This happens all the time: After a minute or so of starting a game (Crysis, Lost Planet Extreme Condition, BeoWulf, etc.) it freezes and I have to manually RESET (or turn OFF and back ON again) to the point that I simply can NOT play any games at all. I just upgraded to an eVGA 8800 GTS 320MB from an eVGA 7900GT KO. (I didn't have that problem with my 7900GT KO, but then again, I only played last years games on it (Doom3, HL2, etc.) Here is what I have done so far with not luck: -Downloaded the LATEST nVIDIA drivers (from Guru3D and nVIDIA) -Updated my motherboard drivers (nForce4 SLI AMD) -Defragged -did NOT install a single application, except games on a fresh XP Pro OS (No Virus Scanner, nothing) -I play the games at 1024x768 games (but rest of Eyecandies to the max) Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my current configuration: -DFI nF4 SLI-DR 'Expert' -Opteron 146 (CABNE 0530 batch) -Thermalright XP-90C -Delta 92x38mm FFB0912HHE 2-wire (Got the 3 Wire version!) -G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB DDR (G.SKILL F1-4000USU2) 2GB -Enermax 620W PSU 'Liberty' -74GB WD Raptor Hdd (revision 00FLC0) -Pioneer DVR-A09-XLB -Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS -Gaming Bomb II (Black Colored) -DELL 24" 2405FPW LCD -eVGA 8800 GT 320MB
  4. Thanks. Actually my mission is over: Stable at 2.85GHz and 237MHz for my RAM. Thanks again! I really appreciate it all!
  5. Latest Updates: http://www.compulogix.com/pix/opt07/success01.jpg OCCT Error at 2.95GHz: http://www.compulogix.com/pix/opt07/occt_error_2950.jpg NO OCCT Error at 2.80HGz: http://www.compulogix.com/pix/opt07/occt_success_2800.jpg Is OCCT really that accurate? I mean I can lower my CPU speed, but I need to know why SuperPI and Memtest86+ didn't report any errors when I have my CPU at 2.95GHz? Do you think it is the CPU or RAM that is causing the errors? Thanks!
  6. Cool, thanks! CCCP reports that the CPU is not stable, even though I pass MemTest86+ and SuperPI 32MB tests, though.
  7. I tried these setting (by HITandRUN) and it did MAGIC! First of all did you try to find the max. of your mem running 1:1 instead of running it with a divider? I would do this first! Follow the overclocking database!!! Set your ram voltage to 2.8 or you won’t move anywhere off 250MHZ! Try the settings here: FSB: 250 <-- start here and go up after running tests LDT/FSB Freq: x4 CPu FSB Ratio: x7 <-- just to find out the mem. max. CPU VId control: 1.525 CPU VID Special: Auto LDT Voltage: 1.4 Chipset Voltage: 1.7 DRAM Voltage: 2.8 DRAM Frequency: FSB: 01:01 CPC: Enable TCL: 3 TRCD: 4 TRAS: 8 TRP: 4 TRC: 15 TRFC: 17 TRRD: 2 TWR: 3 TWTR: 2 TRWT: 3 TREF: 3684 Odd Divisor Correct: Disable DRAM Bank Interleave: Enable DQS Skew Control: Increase DQS Skew Value: 255 DRAM Drive Strength: 8 DRAM Data Drive Strength: Level 4 Max Async Latency: 8.0 ns DRAM Rewsponse Time: Normal Read Preamble: 6.0 ns Idle Cycle Limit: 32 cycles Dynamic Counter: Enable R/W Queus Bypass: 16x Bypass Max: 7x 32 Byte Granularity: Disable These are settings I use on another rig of mine! Max overclock is 263MHZ! Let us know how you make out! Here is my screenshot http://www.compulogix.com/pix/opt07/success01.jpg
  8. Thanks. I have managed to get the CPU to boot at 1.56v, and SuperPi has not complained yet (I will post the results) Sorry about the pictures sizes, won't happen again! (curious, who is the boss, AngryGames?)
  9. Thanks for the responses. The thing that I am confused that even though I know that my RAM can go up to 260, when I set the CPU at 295 and select a 5:6, (putting RAM at 245.9 which is BELOW the 250), SuperPI gives me an error. Why this RAM can not even keep up? Is it the timings? Would you please suggest some? Would you kindly help!? Thanks!
  10. OK, my CPU maxes at: 295 my RAM maxes at: 260 (<--is it that bad?) I think I should use 5:6 to get close to RAMs default settings?
  11. ...testing my RAM at 275 ( OK this didn't work, (got error in Super PI) testing using the default settings) (to be continued)
  12. I have yet to determine that. I am running a 1:1 and right now I am at 250 (I know my CPU can go WAY highter than this though) I will report back ASAP!
  13. Sorry for being newbie, but when there is talk of and so forth, these refer to CAS Latency, RAS# to CAS# Delay, Trp, Tras and Trc? What "tight" settings are "normal" (I understand that I have to come up with these settings, but I need a starting point). For example, aside from my RAM being set to 7:10 (had to change from 5:6, since MemTest+ gave me errors in test 5 and 7), everything else is set to default, and as result I get these reading in CPU-Z: Am I (80% or so) on the right track? Many thanks for your time and insights!
  14. Thanks for the sheets. Seems like my CPU max is around 2.95GHz, and I am running in 5:6 setting (ram is 245.9) on AIR!
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