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  1. I finished testing the production model and here is my final results. I was able to drop 3c from the initial prototype... Burn in CPU arithmetic 100% CPU load results P4 3.0c at 3.75ghz (vcore 1.625) 360W Dominator Pro TEC waterblock (production model) (2x) 320w Meanwell Power Supplies 172w DangerDen GPU pelt (1x) 320w Meanwell Power Supply (2x) Thermochil HE120.3 rads Eheim 1262 pump (straight water) All temps in Celsius... time | cycle | cpu | water | air | delta (water to CPU) ================================================================================ =========== 10:50 0 -15.38 28.56 23.3 43.94 (idle) 10:55 10 -0.38 30.13 23.9 30.51 (begin load) 11:00 20 0.06 30.44 24.3 30.38 11:05 30 0.56 31.19 24.5 30.63 11:10 40 0.69 31.06 24.8 30.37 11:15 50 0.56 30.94 25.0 30.38 11:20 60 0.75 31.25 25.2 30.50 11:25 70 0.88 31.44 25.4 30.56 11:30 80 0.94 31.44 25.6 30.50 11:35 90 0.94 31.50 25.8 30.56 11:40 100 1.00 31.63 26.0 30.63 11:45 110 1.06 31.56 26.2 30.50 11:50 120 1.06 31.50 26.3 30.44 The dominator pro was able to maintain over a 30c delta between water and cpu. Oh I re-did our website... Wintsch Labs
  2. >>Comptia (the people that make the A+ exam stuff) says that phase change systems will most likly become the standard,replacing air cooling and bypassing water cooling all together, once all the little bugs and kinks are worked out. I somehow doubt that as intel itself is now targeting processors with less heat dissipation. I think extreme cooling is left for the military, and us overclockers (oh yeah and everyone else whos trying to speed things up) for now. That statement may be a long time off, and even then who knows, superconductors may change the way things work quite a bit. And Nuclear, Good job on the cooling, that's quite incredible!
  3. p8baller07, Load temps are really the only temps that matter. A load temp will tell what your system will be stable at for your given hardware. An Idle temp just says: when I'm doing nothing I get this cold. But if you do any work, since I'm a big gamer I need to deal in load temps even more so, then I could freeze up if the overclocking is set to be stable at idle temps. I can get me system to run pretty fast in idle situations, but when you do any gaming or processing at all it may crash and that's no good. And I've heard of different temps people get from mach II's but I'm wondering what the load temps are on an R404 modded Mach II.
  4. Actually it's not -50c. The idle temp is -12c, but the cool thing isn't the idle, cause a 226w and a 360w will idle at near the same temp, it's the load, this morning I tested and loaded the system at 1.5c. That's a pretty good load temp overclocked and overvolted. Nuclear, -54 is that your load or is that your idle temp? That sounds like an idle temp?
  5. airman, >>kryotech? vapochill? prometia? You wont be getting -54c with one of those, hell my 360w pelt will get near the temps that those will, in fact that's the selling point. silentsoundguy32, >>wow thats a powerful tec! must caust a *lot* of $$$ to run though I haven't noticed any extra cost. My electricity bill isn't that much different. haven't even noticed. It uses about 5 amps from a 110v plug to run the pelt.
  6. Thanks for you responses, aiRman, Actually the way pelts work is that a higher Qmax design means cooler temps. What it in fact means is that it can pump 360watts of heat at a Zero temp drop from the hot to the cold plate. Since P4 overclocked generate about 150watts of heat it can pump that much heat plus lower the temp quite a bit. I'm currently running a unit and I don't have any trouble with condensation. It comes with all the neoprene you need and I think they'll put together a guide to help. Users of the current 226watt pelts probably already have a meanwell S-320-12 power supply. All they have to do is add a second one in series. Pluse we're working on a 600watt stand alone to package with it for a lower cost. Nuclear, In order to get the best temps you should use a rad capable of dissipating ~600watts. You could probably run two smaller ones on parallel. The 226 watt units don't even come close. I'm running a model of it right now and When I play games that I used to run on my 226 watt swiftech the temps dropped from around 15c to 0.5 c. It averages about 10-15c drop from the 226watt models. Again because it's the only pelt to run off of a 360W Qmax design. I hope I answered some questions/concerns. Please let me know of any other. Thanks, Devin
  7. Check out the 360watt peltier soon to hit the market at... new peltier
  8. OK I've been working on a new product and I was able to gain some extra speed... If I throttle down my settings then I can get >3.9ghz The only thing is that it's acting funny. Does anybody know any secrets to getting above 255mhz FSB? My system runs at about 5c at full load at 1.65v Vcore. Thanks, Devin
  9. Thanks road runner for the links, also thanks guys for your input. I'm going to try to figure this out. I'm told I've got headroom by some pretty good sources. I'll try a little higher without any volt mods just yet as I don't want to shorten the life of this board. Thanks, Devin [edit] OK I got this high at 1.625vcore...
  10. No I've just got the stock p4c800 northbridge cooler with a fan blowing on it. Should I have a better cooler? I heard the P4C800's can't really get above 250FSB anyways. Devin
  11. Yes it's totally stable. What mobo are you using? Also I'm using a pelt and the temp is about 11-12c under full load. You might want to try disabling hyper threading, it causes instability if oc'ing too high. Devin
  12. I've got a p4 3.0c and an asus p4c800 delux. Also some ocz 4200EL ddr ram. I'm having troubles getting it over 250 fsb. What's up with this? My load temps are about 11-12c for the cpu. TIA, Devin
  13. I'm running a maze-4-1 GPU waterblock and pelt and I can get up to 500/385 with my 9800 pro pretty easily. Don't even have to up the voltage any. Devin
  14. Thanks, I think I get the picture. I wish there was a tapping kit for Pipe thread. But I think the nature of it makes it somewhat hard since it's tapered. I ordered a reservoir with four 1/2" inlets. I'll either split the 1" to two 3/4" conduits and increase the size of the existing holes or just reduce to 1/2" twin lines. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. Thanks, Devin
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