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  1. I can't get any output from the SPDIF connector on the back of this m/board. I have tried both the nVidia audio drivers and the RealTek audio drivers. Doing some searches I can see reference to having to set a jumper on other m/boards to get the external SPDIF connector working but I can't find any reference to this board. The manual mentions some pins that can connect up to an optical SPDIF connector but nothing for enabling the external connector. Anybody got any idea how I can get SPDIF working ?
  2. After a bit of research it seems that the issue is actually caused by Windows Xp SP2. After an upgrade to SP2 Physical Address Mapping is enabled and the max that Windows reports is 2.75Gb with this m/board. :-(
  3. From the lable on the ram : MCI Computer MDT DDR 1024MB PC400 CL2.5 2 Bank 512M Chip (64Mx8) From CPU-Z CAS# Latency 2.5 RAS# to CAS# 3 RAS# Precharge 3 TRas# 8 Hope this helps. I'll update my sig with the MDT bit
  4. Thanks for the pointer, While I couldn't find that exact setting in the bios I did two settings, one for h/w memory remapping and one for s/w memory remapping. They were set to disabled so I have set them to enabled. The POST is now showing 3.5Gb ram but WinXP is still showing 2.75Gb Ram. Not sure what went wrong there. I'll try clearing the bios, starting with optimised defaults and just a hardware memory remap enabled, see what happens. Still why did the POST only show 3.5Gb and not 4gb.
  5. Hi, I have just purchased my first DFI Motherboard and I have an unusual problem. I also purchased 4 x 1Gb PC400 memory sticks and when they are all installed in the machine both the bios post screen and MS Windows only report 2.75Gb of ram. CPU-Z reports all 4Gb of ram being present. I specifically need to get the 4Gb visible to the machine as I'm running some extreamly memory intensive applications. Any help would be appreciated.