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  1. Still looking. Lots of similar complaints of this on the [h]forum.
  2. Does this work with usb keyboard/kvm detection issues or is it just to run full 2.0?
  3. I found that a lot of the larger files I downloaded with the firewall installed (even disabled) were corrupt. I uninstalled it and things seem ok now.
  4. This board is the only one I've ever had lock up when RELAXING ram timings. I upped CAS from 2.5 to 3 and it locked up bad, no post, just beeping. Only a CMOS reset fixed it.
  5. I'm having these exact same problems with my infinity nf4x
  6. Similar problems for me and my nf4x infinity. USB kb not recognized on post, especially when through KVM. Sometimes even having the USB keyboard plugged in will cause the POST to lock up. Sometimes both the USB mouse and keyboard will stop working after changing speeds with clockgen, while prime continues to crank away. Sometimes I'll boot and both the kb and usb mouse act sluggish or the keyboard will repeat inputs dozens of times per strike. My symptoms have been described by others in similar posts in this thread. I'm using the 8/11 bios.
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