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  1. Hi Guys, i need some help. At the moment i boot from scsi using esc at the boot, cose the bios doesn't see my adaptec cards. The tech guys don't anything about and no bios update has been released since WWII. I am lookiing to take out my SCSI dirves from my pc and use only my 2 x 200 GB as storage and my 2 x 80GB for the OS (Raid 0). The 2 IDE drives are connected to and Adaptec 1200A. When the system boots up the card is not shown on the list or in the bios. This carddoesnt exist till windows is up. This is really annoing me because you can't select the boot device :mad: . There is any way around this? Thank you
  2. i gave for granted that it was a 9 pin hdd soundx98, but according to the WD chart, the hdd should be a ten pin. forgot to say check on the bios the boot sequence. 1 cd or floppy 2 floppy or cd 3 HDD or press esc during the post
  3. Hello, what i could suggest as first step is.... Reset cmos unplug all the hdd from the MB put to the min configuration your system Plug only one HDD to you prim ide and hdd as master(jumper set) make sure you plug the IDE blue end cable on the MB and the Black on the HDD (grey is slave) see if boots up. if not try a different hdd.
  4. i Think it would work, as long you can fit you VGA (if 2 slots). it's an easy replacement
  5. no i haven't tryed an iceberg4. How does it perform? I just got my new baby board, i have installed everything including the iceberg, i am not waiting for the other fun to fail :nod: . The temp on the board are 36 idle chipset, under stress to verify. the raid still giving me trouble because it won't boot from my scsi. the bios 824 just crash, so i went back to my 711.
  6. Hi, i think you might have my same old prob. The pc even when you listen the music just switch him self off. Did you look the fan on the nForce3 Chipset? I had this behave because the fan was not working anymore.
  7. To Gallo, Well, my supplier decided to send me a new motherboard because after the dead fun, the motherboard behaved funny. I am waiting for a new MB. Not my fault if the fan die after 2 days, i paid for something that should last longer thaen 2 days, they decided to swap for free so i will try your suggestion after i installed the new MB. thank you anyway.
  8. To Monty this is the shop www.thecoolingshop.com. the service was really good. The delivery was fast and price good. Hope this help
  9. Hi Guys, during the weekend i received a vantec iceberq , i installed it and the computer was up and running after few setting on the bios. The CPU Chipset is running at 37 in IDLE and 39/40 under stress. I think they are pretty close temprature so i will do some more test and i will post more temp. This are temp without Overclock. I haven't overclock my mobo because it is pretty unstable without :sad: . I have few probs with the bios setting and the boot. My SCSI wont get recognized for the boot. This happens only id the Raid is on. The New Bios 824 seem to sort this problem but after few boot the PC decided to stop working and fail on the post. Only a reset was ok.
  10. Hello, if you see the HDD only 136GB, this is due to windows XP address limit. If you can grab an XP SP1/2 you should solve the problem cose it will have 48-Bit address. If you go to the seagate http://www.seagate.com/support/kb/disc/faq/137_overview.html you find what you need. i had once that the boot problem but after formatting (full) and stared to install windows it sort him sel out. Bye
  11. I have an NF3 Ultra, so i don't know if it will work but it is worth a try. the best thing is to start from scratch, and with the basic things that a pc need on post. B4 you start testing Unplug motherboard, ram, video and CPU Unplug Power on the motherboard Reset Bios Wait few minutes Install your cpu and fan Install your video card or best if you pinch your mum's one (because works) Install the Ram (pinch that too) and see if boots up. If it does, replace one of the components and check the boot. Carry on replacing all the components with your once till the system doesn't boot up. Do not connect the HDD because at this stage it's not needed and it is one less thing that could interfear. Sorry for my broken english. Hope i have been helpful feel free to e-mail me Bye
  12. Thank you for your advice, i already ordered one so during this weekend i am ready to go. Just a quick question, how do you remuve the AGP card? I have difficultis to take it off. What is the temprature that the chipset is suppose to reach? I want to keep an eye on it. thank you
  13. The fan on my motherboard decided to die after only 20 days :sad:. I am looking for a replacement, a good fan or ideally a fan less northbridge cooler. Is there anyone could suggest any good northbridge cooler with or without fan? My 6800Ultra ends very close to the northbridge, the original fan is just under the geforce heatsink. :mad: thank you
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