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  1. i want Western Digital Raptor X 150GB WD1500AHFD 10,000 RPM sata150 and a 750gb wd would that be good to run in a raid 0 config???
  2. every computer ive ownd iv used samsung or maxtor or wd but the samsung were allways messing up im still running one. a samsung 40gb in raid 0 with a 15gb wd no problums .... the 80gb i had stopd working affter i wroght 0s to it took 2 days affter that it just started clicking and wouldent stop..called samsung hd dept said that heads are no good due to formating , angry at this pont cause was the only working one i had and formated once a year if that even ... so this is about hd problums and getting fast relyable ones ...
  3. cooler master did fry it self !!!!! god damt .. Junk i Fkin HATE JuNk man i wish i could of video taped me destroying that ps ... i gave it what it derved ..heh:cool:
  4. well its more like 15 but still they all have done the same thing i ran nothing but samsung for 5yr my computer had 4 of them my bros had 3 .dead with in tha last month rma all 7 6 month ago i bought about a year ago from tiger driect on clearance my dfi only had for 6 month pryor to swapin in to my new rig with a ps that came with it i go to a lot of lan meets in the metro here so movein around all the time dosent help the hd's when the head arm dosent lock wen u pwer down like the old ones used to i have the very first 1gb seagate i bought 3112 still works ive thrown it across the room and it still boots windows 98 moms samungs she has allways gets read wright errs and i cant format those it i will just sit there for days trying to read but cant .. i can go on about the stupid . samsung has gave me .im upgrading my case,cpu to a 4800x2 going for $230 on eby and some decent hd's and getting rid of that geil ram going with some ocz and or if i can find bufflo firestix cause pc stats got some crazy ovclocking done with those i they hit 3280 on fan coold with a 3700 was an artacal in my email back in 2005...any way thanks for the info on the drives out there...
  5. hi this thred is dedacated to finding the best hard drive on the market and to help those thinking about buying a new one and to make a good choice the top 10 best .... user comments plz !!!! the worst top 10 samsung!!!! for shure ive sent in about 30 of them no joke !!! and rma ing the same one and other ones are just junk the heads allways fail or decinagrate ... just my expreance with them loseing sooo much stuff quite sick of it looking forward to solid state hd's
  6. well last night that psu cooked it selF opend it up and its crusty inside.... so i will take your recommended psu and get one new eggs got an ocz for $125
  7. i dont know whats happing all my temps are cpu is 34c and nf4 is 39 ... why dose it shut down instantanoulsy shut down ???
  8. hey i have the same problum !!! windows vista is cool and all but its got too many backround prossesses and handles i shut off all services and im still at 347 of 1200 thats relly high just for idle im running plain jain win xp 1st ed and i idle at 67 mb its the same story with 64 bit ed runns a sky high page idle the less used by the os the more gain in performance is what ive expreanced as for the drivers u have to go to 3dguru and get the z tweekd they work well ..later
  9. this thing f*** my nf4-sli-d it wont post so now what i flashed using awdflash then typed 704-2bta.bin programd it then restarted and no go so what the f*** do i do. I can tell you what to do.. STOP USING FOUL LANGUAGE !! -THunDA
  10. hi i have a thermaltake typhoon heatsink and was wondering whats the max temp of my sandy should be at it sits at 38c at 1.53v want to know if thats a good heatsink bought it at comp usa for $50 and im allso doing a no no im useing a converter i cant find a store around here in mn st paul that sells tru 24pin psu and my voltages alternate by .2 or somtimes even .3 diffrance im currntly running rgone's clock 300 htt with a 9x multi and my ram timeings are 2,3,2,6 what i want to do is buy a watercooling setup run the ratator outside my window its like 20 degrees outside up here was thinking it might keep it a little cooler if i ran the lines out and back in ...just an idea
  11. v ram votage is 3.0 vcc 1.65 sometimes 1.7 chipset is 1.7 and runnin windows x64 i dont see a real gain in the x64 os from the reg xp pro ??
  12. this is a fourm for amd3700 stable overclocks im at 2750 i want to break 3 ghz and i want to run prime with no errs im useing geil ram will be upgrading to pc 4800 G.SKILL Extreme Series 1GB (2x512MB) to try to get a higher overclock i all ready out perform a fx 57 in sandra 13023 and 5752 in the arithmic test waht my gole is to break 3.0 ghs and over 15000 in sandra
  13. yea im running my ram at 3.0 v and my vcc at 1.65 at 2750 a 3700 1mb i have geil ram and i can push it to ddr 453 stock400 no prob and run memtest with no errs i have my divider on 100/01 but i cant get much higher than 2750 on stock cooling i want to know what it will take to break the 3ghz on stock cooling or if it can even be done. and it doses pass the prime95 for 5hrs
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