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  1. I submit....449 Just has got that verve to it:rolleyes:
  2. Hi All, Just wondering how hot is too hot in regards to the chipset and PWMIC temps. Currently my CPU temps are fine (about 35 idle, 44 load), but the other temps are suspect. In short, here is the scenario: I just purchased a Gigabyte Aurora 3D, and was all set to love it (and usher in my next level of tinkering...watercooling). When I got everything built, I was less than happy with the temps (CPU was still OK). Upon running rthdribl for 20 mins, the temps for chipset and PWMIC were like 55-63 C. I even had 2 additional Panaflo 80 cms to assist in pulling in air from the outside. SLI vid cards (with Zalmans) were like 96 C!. I came over from my Coolermaster Praetorian, and I never had temps like those. Chipset was prolly 45 C on load, PWMIC a little less. One thing I did on the Aurora....I took out the "Coffee filter" on the intake. I feel that thing was restricting inlet flow BIGTIME. Seemed to help a little on the next rthdribl round...about 55 C and 80 C for the vid cards. How hot is too hot? Should I consider going back to the Praetorian? I'm a little peeved at how high the case/chipset temps are, and I don't want to bake that chipset. Please answer if you can, it is a big help. Thanks!
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