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  1. Well, I've already had the CPU rma'ed, because the original problem was that it was being detected, so bladow...rma'ed the cpu... the new one is brand stinking new, has been in the socket for a total of an hour worth of bootups and shut downs.... here's basically the process iw ent through last fall when everything went to hell - loud pop and computer shut down, refusing to boot.... - blinking amber light was coming on at the time, and replaced the PSU... - popped in new psu, and 4 reds were coming on, shipped in the CPU to have it RMA'ed... - got the new cpu back, same thing...shipped back the mobo.. --j
  2. no dice....just swapped them, and get the same result....also took it out completely, and got the same thing....1 amber, 4 red, and it idles --j
  3. So my spiffy cool sli-dr just came back from DFI, a replacement for the one that wasn't recognizing the CPU anymore. I get it hooked up barebones, power cords(both main power cords, and the hdd/floppy power connectors), vid card, ram stick, and boot it...and it hangs at 4 diag lights...1 amber, 4 red diags.... Ok, fair enough. I check everything, and restart it..same thing. So I run a CMOS boot(both 30 seconds, and 10 minutes), and same thing. Now I have it completely out of the box, and on a static bag on the desk, hooked up with everything it needs, and same thing..... i've gone through the "out of box" setup procedure posted elsewhere on the forums, as well as the proper BIOS clear steps... help...please...before i injure myself putting my foot through this infernal piece of technology, hellbent on making me go bald --j ps...the whole issue that caused this initially was about 6 months ago, something blew, and nothing would boot up...so at this point, i've replaced the CPU, the PSU, and the mobo...all 3 fresh components
  4. so yeah, i got back the new enermax PSU the other day, dropped it in, and it's been running for 2 or 3 days no problem....i get home tonight, and the computer is off....odd....so i turn it on, it boots up, hangs, and apparently crashed when i was upstairs.... now i turn it on and get 4 red leds and 1 yellow.... any ideas? --j
  5. no, fortunately there's no smells, no smoke, just a blinky light that won't stop being blinky and let me play my games :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: and on the note of testing the power supply...forgive my ignorance, but how?...without having another 12v compatible power supply around, and no other spare hardware..... --j
  6. so there i was playing EQ...and i hear a loud crackling pop, and the computer dies.... i go to hit the power switch, and no power....nothing....just a blinking yellow standby power led .... i've tried searching the forums, and i'm pretty sure the answer is here somewhere and i've just missed it, but i haven't found anything similar yet... ideas?.... --j
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