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  1. I read over the week end that the expert board is no good with a Mach II is this true , any one have any experience??
  2. Somebody help please..........after transferring my rig into my new case i was unable to power on the system. The standbye and power LEDs on the mobo both light up but no start up. I removed all the components and reseated my CPU, plugged everything back in and no joy, this time however the DRAM light doesn't light up either, whats going on??? Is my Mobo FUBARED.
  3. Can any one help me i am after a modded bios for my 7800 GT golden Sample cards. In particular i am after the bios with the volt mod to 1.5V. Cheers
  4. I bet if you turn off the ide drives in bios it works (or just disconnect them) i have the exact same problem as you. Thankfully the only IDE drive i have is my DVD burner. Been trying to fix but no luck yet gonna try doing another nlite cd with the older drivers (6.53)
  5. I dont know that its necessarily better than a CABYE. I have seen at least one user on this forum running his 146 CABYE at 3.1Ghz at only 1.5V
  6. yeah, i cando the math..... i have just seen people with the same RAM getting up to 300+Mhz with 1T and IF possible would like to be able to do that to, thats all
  7. I wish i had your graphics card :nod: what 3dmark scores do you get
  8. Try Dram responce time = Normal Skew = Decrease Read Preamble = 5.5ns failing that CPC = Disabled
  9. I'll give it ago when i get home
  10. After doing a little more research (should of done this first time) i can see that in gaming at least 1T Vs 2T makes little difference but never the less i would stick like to be able to run 1T. I am running the RAM at 1:1.
  11. Where is this, what version of the forceware is this on????????????
  12. I'm a little stuck. I can run my GEIL ONE TCCD at 320mhz but for the life of me i can't get it to run at 1t. It would seem that any speed over 220 and i have to switch to 2T. If i try to enable 1T at present the system does not even get to the windows logo screen and will report missing files (seems to vary). My RAM is currently running at 282Mhz with 2.56V going through it although upping that to 2.9 makes no odds. My timings are 2.5,3,4,3,7,14,2,2,2,2,3072,1. Dram bank interleave is enabled. Anybody got any ideas, would been able to enable 1T give me much of a performance boost?
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